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  1. tehbluebeast

    Ps3 Anyone

  2. tehbluebeast

    What Ethnic Background...

    1/2 puerto rican 1/2 guyanese
  3. tehbluebeast

    Florida Smokers Fl

    Tampa I go to USF
  4. tehbluebeast

    Show Off Your Rides

    nice to see lots of subys!
  5. tehbluebeast

    Ps3 Psn Id

    psnid =Dabluebeast i try to get on alot mostly at night though i mostly play cod4, and mgs4
  6. tehbluebeast

    Radar/laser Detectors

    i have the valentine it is awesome
  7. tehbluebeast

    Your Favorite Car?

  8. tehbluebeast


    My african grey simon and my goldfish killers
  9. tehbluebeast

    Whats Your Ride?

    nice conekillah! im on nasioc also im gtdeitypr2.
  10. tehbluebeast

    Kanye West - Graduation

    kanye's songs are more poppy so i think he will sell more. 50 is more gangster. i do like the some of the new stuff of kanye's cd.
  11. tehbluebeast

    Car Audio

    JL W6 Sub and 500/1 and a polk Momo 6.5 with a rockford fosgate amp. it sounds really good
  12. tehbluebeast

    Where Is Everyone Located At

  13. tehbluebeast

    Whats Your Ride?

    QUOTE (chinamon @ Aug 1 2007, 02:47 AM) QUOTE (tehbluebeast @ Aug 1 2007, 05:33 AM) 12w6 with the 500/1? Yes ive been running that for about a year and a half with no problems but its a 10W6.
  14. tehbluebeast

    Whats Your Ride?

    Wrx with few mods for now 3" turbo back exhaust, bov, lowering springs. Rims are being shipped out. its a fun car.
  15. tehbluebeast

    Offical Hf Myspace Thread