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  1. hey gorgeous.
    my life has been CRAZY!
    shoot me a text sometime, when you're on, and i'll get on to chat.
    i'll message my number

  2. HElllloooo. Where are you?

  3. I've Smoked a Mozza. They're pretty decent pipes, but i dont think they're on the same caliber as other myas. When we smoked it, it always smoked WAY hotter than other pipes i've used that are myas. Im not sure why, but it did. its a cool design for sure though
  4. LAYIN' DOWN THE LAW ON THE N000000BS!!! thanks mush, much love <3
  5. Beardius

    Honey Based Tobacco ?

    I think starbuzz is honey based..
  6. you should try and get some starbuzz if you can. pleasurable flavor for most of their tobaccos. my favorites being strawberry margarita, tangerine dream and pumpkin pie. they're easy to pack, and maintain with heat.
  7. Beardius

    Omg Mimon!

    i havent had mimon.. but i really want too!
  8. Beardius

    Tangiers First Try

    Orange Soda, Static Starlight and New Lime
  9. So, bought my first tangiers small phunnel the other day. and i got all 600+grams of my tang acclimated. The past 3 days of smoking has been pure amazing. Why i posted this is because without everyones help and advice on the forum, i probably would have never had my tangiers working right. so Incubusratm, mushrat, allstar, iainum, rjskillz, coyote, theycallmedave, and the rest of hookahforum.com; thank you guys so much for everything. =] Happy Easter guys. =]
  10. Beardius

    Thank You.

    yeah, mush is pretty rad. that's for sure.
  11. Beardius

    Starbuzz Acid?

    the gold was the only one that ghosted for me. but it didnt ghost bad at all. i noticed that using a phunnel really helped the ghosting issue for me
  12. Beardius

    Starbuzz Acid?

    i've had them all, and i must say that i enjoy them pretty well. i like the purple and gold the best for sure. that price is out of control, i sell them at my shop for $30 per 250g tin. i'd say shop around cause that price is awful haha.
  13. dude, do you play ashen empires?

    1. pbpredator


      Yeah I do haha who is this?
  14. i just dont like either nak or af DA... haha