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  1. Jesse

    Amaren Review

    [size="4"]Amaren Cappucino[/size] Setup: - Sapphire 15" Hookah Coals: - One 3K Quicklite, then added another Appearance: Wet! Smell: Like a cheap fake latte from 7-Eleven Taste: Tastes like faint Cappucino, Caramel but overly sweet, bland. [b]5/10[/b] Smoke: Unimpressive.. may be due to the fact that it's so wet. Duration: 1 hour. Buzz: Light.. I think Amaren is washed?? Overall: Unlike the Chocomint, which is the only Amaren I liked and will possibly smoke again, this stuff was just BORING. When compared to AF Cafe Latte, this stuff doesn't even match up. Save yourself the boredom and get Cafe Latte, it's SO much better and smoother. The flavor started nice and got sweet near the end to the point of being overpowering. It's as if they dumped as much syrupy flavoring as they could on the stuff. It was gooey and made cleaning the top of my stem a pain. The flavor took some serious rinsing to get out of the bowl. This stuff got harsh near the end when I added 2 coals because the smoke was pathetic. Not a horrible flavor, but I won't smoke it again. [b]6/10[/b]
  2. Jesse

    Milk In The Vase?

    NOOOOOOO.. Not unless you want a rancid milk smell in your stem
  3. Wow.. hmm Currently my Go To's are: Al Baraka Citrus Nakh Peach Nakh DA It's hard to go wrong with the Nakh especially.. it's not fussy with heat, smokes well, and tastes great. The Al Baraka is nice because I'm not big on Buzz all the time and it also produces great clouds with 2 coals on the whole time.. never gets harsh.
  4. seeing as I can't weld, The clothes hanger option may be my best bet. Thanks guys!
  5. Jesse

    New To The Forums And Hookah :)

    Welcome.. I wished they had Mya's here that weren't out of my limited price range.
  6. I'm not a veteran, but since people mentioned Salaam, I've heard good things about it but can't get it where I am here in South Africa at the moment. The girl at the hookah shop said she wishes it wasn't so expensive to import here. I [i]am[/i] able to get this great herbal brand called Al Baraka which is essentially made from flavoured sugar cane with honey. It's great stuff and smokes very smooth. Worth trying if you're going the Herbal route.
  7. Didn't know Starbuzz is honey based. I think Al Baraka and the TeaSha Tea Shisha both have honey in them, but both are Herbal so I guess that would be expected?
  8. I voted for AF, but I also am a big fan of the Al Baraka Herbal and also smoke that. If you are disappointed with SOEX, try it. I've never had anyone who smoked with me complain about it.
  9. Jesse

    My New Hookah :)

    Nice little hookah.. saw you're also a fan of the Nakhla DA.
  10. You'll have to tell me how the Fumari is.. I can't get that brand where I am in South Africa.
  11. [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1304052068' post='507328'] depends on how big your bowl is. Just poke enough so the shisha can get the proper airflow. Don't be afraid to poke a lot of holes. [/quote] Also, when you poke, don't be afraid to poke deep through the shisha as it will really add to airflow and give you a nice smoke and easy draw.
  12. Jesse

    In Need Of Flavor Help

    [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1304065485' post='507353'] If you want to save some cash and want a good smoke, try Al Fakher. Many of the members of this forum, including myself, firmyl stand behind this brand. Good, inexpensive shisha, with very sweet and candy like flavors. Very hard to screw up or not like. In Al Fakher, I would suggest their peach, strawberry, mint,orange and watermelon. Simple, delicious flavors for a beginner. This runs anywhere from 11-15 dollars a tub. Also, consider buying some nakhla, as inc mentioned above. This is probably the cheapest shisha youc an buy for the money, and in mine and many others opinions, completely worth the money. around 7-10 dollars a tub, this is a very simple shisha brand. In my opinion, probably the easiest to start smoking, considering how hard it is to screw up. Warning, this is an unwashed tobacco, which means it can give a hefty nicotine buzz for some. Manderin, sweet melon, chocomint, two apples and mango are flavors I would recommend. These brands are dependable, simple and cheap. Good for a first try. [/quote] You cannot go wrong with a decent Al Fakher flavor. Their Cafe Latte, Sweet Melon, and Mandarin are all well loved. Best of all, in most places they won't hurt your wallet if you buy more then a 50g packet.
  13. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1304171511' post='507576'] knob off a pot lid? [/quote] Hmm..
  14. So I got this little windscreen at the hookah store I visited in Durban. it works great.. BUT.. there's no handle, meaning I have to daintily take it off using my tongs. I'd like to figure out how to easily and cheaply make a handle for it like the bigger and nicer ones. Suggestions?[attachment=5450:Photo on 2011-04-30 at 14.28.jpg]
  15. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1303941502' post='507076'] [quote name='Jesse' timestamp='1303941386' post='507074'] Brass might be harder to clean? [/quote] ? Elaborate, please. [/quote] Well.. you'd need to polish it I assume, with brass polish to keep it looking good. Great choice for a base though, I found a small mini syrian minus grommets, bowl, and hose in a discard pile and gave it to my neighbor. I'd keep it but I don't want to invest in buying all that stuff to get it up in running.. I'm happy with my nice jumbo mini.