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  1. Tangiers CB Line

      To add to Chreees' statement... The flavour of the tobacco in Burley vs. the traditional Tangiers tobacco used is different. Its more robust, deeper and more complex. Its far more aromatic and it also absorbs and enhances flavours more. It has a tendency to both smooth and enhance flavours while adding its own dynamic. Its very interesting. Static Starlight I thought would be terrible in CB but it was amazing. I prefer SS in CB now.    You can still taste the difference between CM Burley and Noir if you ask me but the CM is so strong that it may be imperceptible to those who have never had CM. Once the PALATE has acclimated its much easier to tell the subtle differences between the undertones.    I tend to agree that CB seems to give more of a buzz to most people than Noir. Though it could be because it tastes so good that people are pulling more often... or that could be just me ;)
  2. Tangier's Official Thread.

    Aon- Interesting. I've only ever smelled Absinthe. I'll forward your comments to Eric :)
  3. I agree with Mush.   When that happens with tapered valves the best option (that i had found) is to use a hanger or something to push it out from behind.
  4. Yes I was curious about what happened to the lounge. Hopefully it worked out ok for him.
  5. Actually I should mention also that coals will absorb water from the environment. the more water they absorb the lower heat they will put out. It is also suspected that water-retention in coals could de-acclimate the tobacco (arguable but I have come across it in rare instances...).    To avoid water absorption in coals store them in an airtight container. Avoid exposing them to humidity.
  6. Shisha tobacco contains water... higher altitudes lowers the boiling temperature. The tobacco COULD be more sensitive at high altitudes. 
  7. €‹

    I hate that : ††​   Look i keep doing it... gah. Anyway it looks good on â€On though... 
  8. Tea...

    I have a electric samovar. Hass actually found it for me and I got a great price. Its great. I don't regret it one bit!
  9. smoked a bowl of DA in 20 minutes after I woke up from a crazy nightmare one night.    smoked tangiers passionfruit from a fresh apple head driving next to ocean in a van at 3am during a thunderstorm... smoked excellent.   smoked tangiers in the middle of tropical jungle during a thunderstorm... smoked excellent   smoked tangiers while sunbathing during hottest day of the year and code red alert with goza in the dirt... also excellent.   I'm beginning to think that acclimation truly is a myth... at least in the conventional sense.
  10. The lounge I frequent makes postcard flyers and distributes them around college campuses. They also draw attention to the storefront by running a strobe light. People think its the cops, so they look to see where the light is coming from. The have weekend belly dancers and specials. You can get your tobacco packed in an apple or and orange head and they also serve turkish tea, mint tea, turkish coffee, and american coffee (they have a latte machine but it doesn't get much use, if any). The have a fridge with cans and bottles of non-alcoholic beverages to buy. I think they could have prepackaged food under their license too but they don't. You might be able to buy some hummus and bread from someplace else and just sell it there... chips, candy, etc might be a good option too. They also have keno, a few big flatscreen tv's, and a retail section.    They are doing well. Hope that helps.
  11. Screen Printing

    Yes I did this in school ones. It was a very simple set up that was similar to what you are describing. iirc, It was pretty simple. Batik is an interesting art that I would like to experiment with as well. 
  12. Tea...

  13. What are those symbols on the neck??
  14. What Are You Reading?

    I'm trying to get through this book... http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/5890.The_Woman_in_White