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  1. I tried Şerbetli. duble apple was pretty good, but i did not like the sweet melon.
  2. Cenk Manisalı

    Hole Pattern Science

    İt depends on setup. Bowl, Tobacco and coal. My experience is; Little but more holes ( With 0.7mm pencil ) -Harder to burnt the tobacco -Gives thin cloud Larger but less holes ( With toothpick ) - More easy to burnt the tobacco - More thick clouds - Heat menangment is more difficult. İ use clay bowl. Charcoal ( Oak tree ) Rosanna tobacco
  3. İ think it refers to the setup. İ always put some room between foil and tobacco. Otherwise it burns rapidly and gives the burnt smell. My setup: [URL=http://pic-hoster.com/show.php/16136_11022011016.jpg.html][IMG]http://pic-hoster.com/out.php/t16136_11022011016.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [b]Clay bowl[/b] [URL=http://pic-hoster.com/show.php/16137_11022011017.jpg.html][IMG]http://pic-hoster.com/out.php/t16137_11022011017.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Charcoil ( Oak tree ) Rosanna tobacco