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  1. waterpipe

    Cheesehead Revolution?

    I worked for a major corporation, your hourly wage is gaged by the average wage earner within that locality. If you don't like unions then expect your area to be low income. That's Capitalism all tied up in a somber little package called competitive job wages. Now unions have their share of problems, and that is called people. Just like in every other venture when people are involved, and when there are problems, you get something that is clasified as human nature. So union, government, bankers, factory workers all alike you have human nature. These days defining locality has grown a bit. Now that includes the engineer working in India for 15.00 to 20.00 an hour. Today corporations want your salaries or hourly wages to be competitive with India or soon China. Some also like the Governor of Milwaukee might also wish human rights to be much more competitive and equal to China, that is called global economy.
  2. waterpipe

    Cheesehead Revolution?

    [quote name='mustafabey' timestamp='1298041063' post='498326'] I just posted a blog entry on this event and thought I'd share it here. Briefly Democratic senators walked out on voting for a bill that would severely curtail teachers benefits.It appears that budget cuts is the next excuse to dip their greedy hands into our pockets. They got retirement monies in the housing bubble. They took away our liberties with the "patriot"act. They are gunning for unemployment insurance and social security and collective bargaining. They took advantage of the recession and its 10% unemployment to lower salaries everywhere. Obama,himself,just cut heating subsidies for the poor and Pell grant student loans. Education is under attack everywhere, and school budgets are getting slashed. All the while the celebrity intoxicated masses of America cheer loudly as their pockets are being picked. Minds are manipulated with hate and religion but this can't last forever. The thievery will eventually reach whats left of the middle class and hopefully they will react when they can no longer pay their cable bills. What the politicians don't realize, perhaps,is that unlike the brave Egyptians,Yemenis,Bahrainis,Jordanians,Libyans and Tunisians, most Americans are armed. Perhaps the Tea Party will throw off some of the racism and Republican control and morph into a true grassroots movement and join the Cheeseheads. Better dig out my old tie dye tee shirts. [/quote]
  3. waterpipe

    Cheesehead Revolution?

    Living in Wisconsin, I spent a week at the protests, and I am going back to Madison tomarrow after the snow ice and rain. Most of my friends are teachers, I am not in union, but our Governor has gone too far. His logic is that there are the haves and the have nots. Most of people in Wisconsin and Michigan have been placed into the have not catagory. Meaning their jobs are gone or their salaries haved. Walkers logic is to bust the union, so he can increase the have nots. Increasing the have nots only benefits the corporation because then instead of 5000 applicants for a low wage job now you have 10000 applying. He should be looking for ways to keep people in work decreasing the have nots, not increasing them, so they can pay taxes and buy goods and reinvigorate the economy. The unions are the only big money left to the working class. Once you break them then you have basically only one party left. Walker can negotiate any time he wants, but it is not about salary it is about busting the unions, that is why people from all over the world are showing up at the capital doors. Slave labor is not far around the courner, and many recognize that freedom to negotiate collectively or individually will revert this country to the Hay Market Square days, fighting for safety, decent working hours, and a second to take a piss. These are dangerous times for the working class.
  4. I decided to try out my Bro's pipe. It is about 10 to 15 years old, bought it at a shop that had it for awhile. Made of solid brass, with crome type of finish on it. He only had tobacco in fridge about the same age. Nakhla molasses and fruit. God Aweful !!!!!!!! (being polite on forum so not to get kicked off.) I only had quick lights for coal. The original bowl broke so a new one was on it. The bearing was rusted so I sanded it a bit. I lit the quick lights placed the foil took a bit to get it going - thinking the coals not hot enough. Once it got going the clouds were quite thick, it seamed easy once it got going, won't know bad from good until I can compare more hookahs. The smoking experience not too bad, the shisha S..........t - but wondering if this is a generic egyptian Hookah. It is the one on my base.
  5. waterpipe

    Confused Newbie

    Awesome thanks, hoping to get this baby within about two weeks. Bowl recommendations to start? I am looking in my neck of the woods for shisha, and coal, looking for non smokie coals. Once I fugure out what I like then will buy more quanity. I love the solid brass look. Thanks for all the input.
  6. waterpipe

    Wtb Syrian Brass Shank

    Forgive me for asking but who is Eric does he have a store? [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1292987030' post='492026'] Yeah I was about to say.. you can just go to Eric's! Honestly that's what I'd do... [/quote]
  7. waterpipe

    Confused Newbie

    really like [color=#1C2837][size=2]Temsah Shakil brass so have been looking - want to get a solid brass or KM quad do you know where to get in stock? reputable place? MYA's bases I realy don't like I have tried but can't get myself around the bloody base.[/size][/color]
  8. I am not set on anything as of yet, ebay just has an enormous stock to see. If I don't find in a trade(here) area, then I will order from those that were recommended. There is a Pink hybrid at HC I like but I don't like pink, sorry for all those hookah pink lovers. HJ is out of stock. The others I have to go back to and look again. I really need to keep price down, because bowls, .... .... .... .... .... start adding up. But I want to know a good hookah when I see it. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1297403727' post='497548'] [quote name='waterpipe' timestamp='1297403010' post='497547'] I see many on ebay that say Egyptian hookahs but have straight ports, other then looking at a logo placed on them, looking at pictures only, I was wondering how you guys could tell the difference? To me aside from different colors and styles these pictures all look a like. None of these pictures look good enough to detail weld marks, so how do you guys do it? [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1297397246' post='497536'] An easy check is to look for weld spots on the hookah shaft. [/quote] [/quote] I think its worth it to buy from a reputable vendor but if you are set on ebay, feel free to post up some links and we can try to give you insight. [/quote]
  9. waterpipe

    Fs: Temsaah Shakil

    This a good pipe and do you still have it? [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1292847101' post='491852'] Antouwan do you know when the HC sale ends? [/quote]
  10. I see many on ebay that say Egyptian hookahs but have straight ports, other then looking at a logo placed on them, looking at pictures only, I was wondering how you guys could tell the difference? To me aside from different colors and styles these pictures all look a like. None of these pictures look good enough to detail weld marks, so how do you guys do it? [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1297397246' post='497536'] An easy check is to look for weld spots on the hookah shaft. [/quote]
  11. waterpipe

    My Other Hobby..

    This is awesome love some in my yard. [quote name='glider' timestamp='1297396378' post='497532'] [quote name='Arcane' timestamp='1297394879' post='497528'] i was hoping for some kind of action, like the venus fly trap or something....or at least getting to the see mouse melting... [/quote] Nepenthes are passive eaters. whatever falls in, falls in. Venus Fly Traps, Utricularia(bladderworts) and Drosera(sundews) are the only genus that have any kind of trapping movement. if you all are interested, here in the summer i will have hunderds of the Drosera capensis. they self pollinate and spread hundreds of seed that will literally go everywhere and will grow anywhere. it is known as THE most hardy carnivorous plant. i can only kill it one way by completely drying it out. freezing does nothing. a light dose of herbicide does nothing. pouring gasoline over it and lighting it on fire does nothing to it. the plants have really dense and thick roots. when the main plant dies, the roots spawn several baby plants that take its place. anyway. i will have tons of seed grown plants and ill send them out to people for shipping. ill provide potting mix and simple care instructions as well if anyone would be interested. Alex [/quote]
  12. waterpipe

    Confused Newbie

    Right now I am tight for money, but I will be much better off come April, all my bills come due February. So am dying to own something now, but waiting for that mofo when I have more money and there seems to be more imports.
  13. Hi, everyone I read in one of the forums you can tell that a Chinese hookah from an egyptian by the port. Ok, how does the port look different? Any other differences, many people have asked how to identify different hookas, and I an wondering how from pictures? Right now I have a vintage Egyptian from my Bro who was kind enough to lend me. It is not mine though. I found this antique base which is very cool and i was looking on Ebay for a solid brass one to fit this base. I do not think I will actually smoke this one. I am off to the store today because I was told we have another hookah store in the city. I am looking for a really good price on those pipes recommended. I was also thinking buying a Mya QT in the mean time. Yeah, you get these questions all the time, just remember I am a newbie and it is overwelming out there. Attached is a pic of my find in a base the top is a vintage Egyptian not really mine.
  14. waterpipe

    My Hookah From India

    Clueless what is the difference? [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1296667588' post='496557'] [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1296375235' post='496153'] My post from the "hookah from Iraq" thread should be copied/pasted here... [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1293574865' post='492712'] I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it isn't an authentic Middle Eastern-made pipe. It was actually made in China; you can tell by looking at the style of the hose ports, heart, bowl, and hoses. But as long as it smokes good and is durable, that's all that matters. Just kinda hard to tell what's durable when it comes to Chinese hookahs. I will say though the detail on that thing is quite nice. And the little trunk it comes with is quite nice as well. [/quote] We tell you cause we love you. [/quote] Sigh, I don't think any hookahs are made in Iraq. I've seen SUPER old school photos and whatnot with Turk/Syrian looking types, and lots of modern photos with KM-looking dealies. The cousin I recently met from Baghdad said the Egyptian style is the de-facto standard there. [/quote]