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  1. Sorry, but Jay did kind of completely ruin your first one almost immediately. I gotta say, stick to things that can actually be proved.. And not by flimsy logic. Not trying to be mean, im sure you remember me from tinychat earlier. Just saying, s'all.
  2. mEh, your thread was what did you get for your holiday. Mine was specific to Christmas and what Santa gave you. I seen the thread, but made this one on the grounds mentioned above in addition to executing a pretty good joke my lady performed. My apologies if you feel under-cut. A mod can happily merge the two topics, but if anything just delete it since it'll look stupid with my commentary merged in as such. Thanks.
  3. I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm the only person in the world happy to get my gift: Santa brought me coals!! :-D
  4. Well, I suggest we start a monthly Hookah Forum meetup [Or Bi-Weekly, I'd make the trip]. Who's willing to house it? I live in a desolate portion of Southern California, much farther away from anyone else. Who has a house they'd be willing to allow this to occur? Of course we'd all pitch in money [or flavors] and get together, maybe if it's a monthly thing we could stage a hookah session at the house or drive to a local club [Like Tangiers if we do this *in/near* San Diego], and maybe even all of us go out to like a cheap restaurant and have a good time? I'd be willing to throw down money towards whoever is willing to host it just for the trouble [especially if they were low on funds and we all wanted to go eat out somewhere]. If need be, we can start a thread about this in the [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/38-meet-ups/"]http://www.hookahfor...um/38-meet-ups/[/url] section. I'd host it but I tell you now, Palm Springs is not a central meeting place. Unless we all planned on meeting up there and then going to Vegas. lol *EDIT*:: Changed the phrase "in near" to "in/near"
  5. [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1323547777' post='532499'] ihope you mean anis, as apposed to anus..... [/quote] Sadly, no. I have actually never had any Apple flavored mu'ussel nor anything containing anis. [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1323547662' post='532498'] This whole post was a mindfuck. I'm going to reread it several times and then leave some constructive criticism. [/quote] Haha, thank you kind sir. Also, thank you for all the helpful advice. I'm actually deathly afraid of Vinegar, so I'll pass. But I will do the hot bathtub idea. I don't mind sitting in a cold bathroom on tile flooring while I massage a piece of glass in a glorious bath. You know what... I might just bathe with it, and get to know my glass better. [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1323548330' post='532502'] Three cheers for correct Arabic! [/quote] You know I still love you babycakes ;-) [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1323548574' post='532504'] 1. Get some new tobacco. What were you smoking by the way? 2. Try to wash the hoses, but if they are still ghosted, get some nuhoses. (See what I did thurr?). 3. I have never tried rubbing alcohol, but I once ran vodka down my QT when it was terribly ghosted and damn, did it do a good job! It was completely odourless after just 2 caps of vodka. [/quote] 1. I described all the mu'ussel in the first post. 2. I see what you have done there, and raise you $20. 3. I swore by rubbing alcohol with NHT back in the early thousands [2000s]. It would clean out mostly all NHT.. err, penis. lol, and you thought I was going to correct it to what it is actually called.
  6. Alright so... I decided to smoke some shisha after a long while of not smoking shisha.. And I must say... Nothing tastes good. There are a few factors that could contribute to this.. For one, the shisha.. err, mu'ussel... survived a summer in my garage. Which gets to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Not the best environment I'd imagine. Second, I don't think I would EVER empty my water from my shisha.. err, hookah... Then there's the diffuser which is made of plastic that resides in the shisha... err, water... and probably is tainted as well... Then the hoses, have had all my flavors ran through them.. So, I imagine it's ghosted by Tangiers Orange Soda, Tangiers Horchata, Nakhla Peach, Nakhla Coffee, Starbuzz Pirates Cove, and other various flavors. So my question is... What is my approach from here? Should I just go and buy 15 hoses, and just label them for every flavor I ever try? Or should I soak the hookah... err, penis... components in rubbing alcohol for a while and then give it a thorough washing? And should I throw out the Diffuser piece, since I can only imagine it's beyond repair and is tainted? As far as the hoses I have, I have 3 hoses... And each one I imagine has had all my shisha... err, mu'ussel, piped through 'em. I know my best bet is to just soak the QT in some rubbing alcohol, thorough wash, toss the diffuser, soak the Nammors innerportion.. err, penis... with rubbing alcohol, thorough washing with a bucket, ladder and aquarium pump... and then let everything dry out individually over night and see where to go.. But man.. I got like $900 in the bank, I can afford to just buy all new stuff, but I'd rather learn to fix small problems... And in the future, probably clean the hookah after every use so it doesn't get tainted... But I'm telling you everything seems ghosted. I pop off the stem and the insides smell like a dive bar... or a gay bar... g-g-gay bar. EDIT:: Once I get all this figured, I'm probably going to go ahead and buy all new shisha and stock it in my house. My new job has REALLY consumed hours upon hours of my time, and now I work Graveyards, so by the time I get off work I'm tired and don't want to go through a huge process, and then when I wake up I either play Skyrim or go STRAIGHT to the shower to get ready for work. Working for the weekends, amirite?
  7. My last post was on March 26th.. And I come back.. And the first thread I actually read.. Is arguing. Damn, things haven't change :-D *snuggles up against the forum*
  8. [quote name='ilikemyusername' timestamp='1301191685' post='503152'] I don't know what kind of chili YOU make but mine doesn't look anything like tangiers! [/quote] ???? Did .. You read my post.. At all? I said the chili was placed in a semi-cleaned Tupperware (Like it looked clean but the scent was there).. It TASTED like Orange Soda because it was housed overnight in a container that HAD once had tang in it. Its all good though, I do make long posts so its hard to understand. <3
  9. Its actually the perfect blend. I don't want to throw it out. Its amazing
  10. Made some chili, hungry as FUCK, and it was delicious. So I had some left over. Put it in a Tupperware, and went to bed. Woke up, hungry as FUCK, put the left over chili from the Tupperware in a bowl. Licked the spoon. What the FUCK?!? Orange?? Why does my chili taste like fucking ORANGE?!?! Highly upset now.. Then it hit me. Like your first Shisha buzz. 1 Word: Orange. 2 Words: Orange Soda. 3 Words: Tangiers Orange Soda. But why would that Tupperware be in the cabinet? I took out the Orange Soda and.. What did I do with it..?... I gently rinsed the tupperware and.. Left it on the sink!! Great. My mom saw it, thought it was clean, and I just so happen to be the one to grab that very tupperware. So here I stand.. I have a bowl full of chili, uncooked because the moment I realized "Tangiers!" I dropped everything, and like a true fucking hookahforumer, posted about this. HAHA TIME TO ENJOY SOME TANGIERS ORANGE SODA CHILI, YOU WISH YOU HAD WHAT I HAVE!!!
  11. kcK


    At first I thought Travis was the one who ressurected this. A comment like that to an almost 5 year old post? Priceless
  12. kcK

    How Did You Get Your Username?

    Can someone please edit my post so that it starts with me saying "For me" so that way I don't look like a fucking idiot coming into this thread talking like that.. So yeah, delete everything before "For me..."
  13. kcK

    How Did You Get Your Username?

    For me.. I created KcK based off of JeZ. My name is Jarrett, and an English mate of mine always called me Jez. I guess in the same light of saying "sez" or other shit.. Anyways, Jez was too close to jizz, but I wanted something that was 3 letters, and was capitalized in the front and back. I went for a palindromic effect, and came up with KcK. Later I dropped the first capital to make it "kcK" -- Looked snazzy as fuck. Oh, and since I mentioned my first name.. My parents were originally going to call me Travis, after Travis Airforce Base which was a few miles from where we lived, but one of our neighbors had a kid during my womb-stint, so they got pissed and came up with as original of a name they could muster, whereas most kids are.. Jared or Garrett or shit like that. Yep.
  14. kcK

    The Stuie Fan Club

    This made my balls tingle. I love Stuie. He is rather exceptional in all facets.
  15. kcK

    New Hookah Concept

    Odd.. I smell something in the air.. Maybe its fistpump.. Maybe its a bammer. Don't know, but I smell a new topic being made soon with your name on it