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  1. [quote name='InfidelRebel' timestamp='1346851168' post='555825'] Starbuzz: White Peach Code 69 Blue Mist Safari Melon Dew Sex On The Beach Pina Colada Fuzzy Naval Classic Mojito Double Apple Pirate's Cave Orange Peaches And Cream Queen Of Sex Al Fakher: Strawberry Cherry Mint Grape Cinammon Energy Drink Mango Cola Watermelon Guava Vanilla Nakhla: Apple Double Apple Lemon Chocolate Mint Earl Grey Mizo White Grape Sweet Melon Cappuccino Fumari: White Gummy Bear Ambrosia Tutti Fruitti Blueberry Muffin French Vanilla Honey Fantasia: Magic Dragon Adios Mother Fucker The Million Dollar Flavor Candy Cane 4 Play Dragon's Breath Joker Rainbow Burst Xhale Steam Stones: Bubble Gum Kiwi Banana Watermelon Mint Cantaulope Blueberry [/quote] IMHO It really depends on the type of customers you're expecting. If you're expecting a lot of older teenagers/college students, I think the alcohol-based flavors are a good idea (although it may not hurt to have more). It may also be good to add a few pre-made mixes, and you get to think up your own catchy names! Flavors you may want to consider adding: Fantasia: Ace of Spades - A good chocolate-mint combo, with a catchy name. Starbuzz: Pumpkin Pie - Another good flavor, and appropriate since the holiday season is approaching. Tequila Sunrise - Because who doesn't have a love/hate relationship with tequila? This is a decent flavor to smoke on its own, but it mixes really well. Fumari: Mint Chocolate Chill - A lounge near me has this, and it's another reliable flavor in terms of getting good smoke + flavor. Mixes: Mint + Vanilla + Rose - This mix (suggested to me by a friend) has a surprisingly smooth flavor, with neither of the flavors overpowering the other. (Can you tell I'm a fan of mint yet?) Lebanese Bombshell + Tequila Sunrise (both Starbuzz) - I must admit, I was skeptical of this combination, especially because the idea of Lebanese Bombshell didn't sound so appealing (if you're not aware, Lebanese Bombshell is a cedar-flavored tobacco), however, when a lounge near me was offering guests the opportunity to try a few puffs of it for free, I took them up on it and was amazed. If you're looking to target serious smokers as well, I would suggest possibly having some sort of black leaf tobacco available (although you may need to dedicate a pipe/hose/bowl for this). Hopefully you find these suggestions useful!
  2. [quote name='brookesaywhatx' timestamp='1339949976' post='549417'] Okay so I lied ... not picking it up today. But just ordered some tangiers peach iced tea, AF lemon mint, AF orange & Nak sweet melon [/quote] Do let us know how the tangiers works for you. I live in NJ too and have had trouble acclimating Tangiers (Noir Vanilla and Lucid Horchata). The only flavor(s) that acclimated properly for me were Orange Soda (Lucid and Noir).
  3. Try keeping your setup the same, but removing the ice from the base and using lukewarm water, then let us know how the flavor changes. Ice is supposed to cool the smoke at the cost of flavor, so that might be it. Also, I don't know how good of an idea it is to use dish soap for cleaning, since the residue may linger between sessions.
  4. A bit late, but that looks like an Awlad Sarhan, and if so, it is definitely Egyptian. I can't be 100% sure, as I'm at work and mine is at home, but the markings on the stem and tray holder look almost identical. It's not Turkish, but not a bad buy for the price (I managed to find one locally for about that much, so saved on shipping.)
  5. I know of at least one hookah lounge in NJ that has opened since then (early 2010), but it may depend on where you plan to open it.
  6. [quote name='boludo' timestamp='1308945589' post='513567'] [quote name='Webbles' timestamp='1308853710' post='513470'] Im guessing you have been doing the 4/20 every day? Try letting it sit in the air-tight container for a full day or 2. Let the tobacco stabilize. When you first open the container it should reek of of vanilla, or at least a pungent vanillla/butterscotch smell. (If not, let it sit in there longer, sealed till when you do open it there is a strong vanilla scent). Then, start the acclimation again, preferably around the same time period when you first sealed the container. [/quote] Do as webbles says... that is exactly what I do when I have flavors that won't acclimate. It seems to work for most people. [/quote] Tried this over the weekend. The tobacco smells a little better, but not there yet. I'll try keeping it closed for a few more days.
  7. [quote name='Lucy Ford' timestamp='1303411411' post='506374'] These are pretty solid for indoor quick smoking. I buy them by the box i think its 10 rolls for $15. Like they said above they light CRAZY fast and most of the time they turn into a fireball. Pretty nifty, just don't drop it. The only downside of these is i think they burn out too quick. Easy cleanup though. You can pick it up whole when its done and just set it aside if you do it right I don't really taste anything from the coals but i rarely use nats so i might just be used to the ql taste convenience 10/10 overall 7.5/10 [/quote] Went to a lounge that used these yesterday, and they were really good. One coal lasted us about 40-50 minutes, but the best part of these? No tongs needed. We asked the waiter for some, and he showed us how to move it using just our fingers (apparently the outside of the ash layer doesn't get too warm). I tried using these at home earlier with them lighting really fast but burning out too quickly, but this has encouraged me to give it another try. Also: no QL taste (I'm used to smoking mainly CH naturals and Starlight QLs, the latter of which does have a distinct QL taste).
  8. [quote name='Dom' timestamp='1308839958' post='513449'] although many people have had luck with that method, try keeping it open to the air at all times. it will not dry up. In fact, my containers of Tangiers are always cracked open and not air-tight to allow for constant acclimation. Eric of Tangiers does the same in his shop. Since humidity changes on a daily and even hourly basis, constant acclimation is necessary. give that a shot. if that gives you problems, here is another method that i use. it is not proven, but it seems to work well for me. if you have a way to test the humidity, then it works better. The tobacco seems to smoke better if the humidity of the environment it has been sitting in is greater than or equal to the humidity of the environment it is being smoked in. So if it is raining and humid outside where i keep my tobacco acclimating, i will bring it inside and smoke in the dryer air. it seems to smoke well that way. the opposite is not true. if the humidity of the tobacco is less than the smoking environment, it always smokes poorly. good luck [/quote] Hmm, I normally keep the tobacco acclimating inside, not far from where I smoke. I'll try the other method the next time it's getting humid around here. The other mistake I may've been making is not stirring it often enough during the 4 hours. I'll try these tips out and let you guys know if I have any luck. Thanks for the tips everyone!
  9. So I've been trying to acclimate a pack of Tangiers Vanilla (Noir) for the past week or so using the 4-20 method, but each time I smell it I still get the burnt/BBQ smell, rather than any vanilla/butterscotch. Any ideas as to why this may be happening?
  10. Has anyone tried tonic water in the base? That sounds like it'd be good for parties (glow-in-the-dark hookah!), unless it makes the smoke taste horrible.
  11. [quote name='UltimateHookah' timestamp='1303840693' post='506896'] Were you planning on mixing the 2 together? I think it could give the best of both worlds, less buzz and more flavor. Has anyone tried this and what were your results? [/quote] That does not sound like a bad idea actually, although I wasn't getting much of a buzz from Noir. I don't know whether it needs more acclimating, or whether I have developed a tolerance to nicotine though. I may try it after acclimating Noir a bit more and seeing if I get a buzz.
  12. Yeah, I figured that'd be the best idea. Lets me smoke while it's acclimating, and also lets me know how the noir should smell when done.
  13. Just got an order of Tangiers Orange Soda (lucid and noir) from HJ. While the noir's acclimating, I decided to try the lucid, and man, have I been missing out! Thanks HF, for spreading the awesomeness that is Tangiers
  14. [color=#1C2837][size=2][b]Name[/b]: Sultana Restaurant & Cafe [b]Location[/b]: Edison, NJ[b] [/b] Located along Route 27 in Edison, this hookah lounge can be hard to spot if you've not seen it before. Coming here is always fun, although me and my friends tend to prefer Mist in North Brunswick. The hookahs are good; they also offer plain unflavored tobacco, which I've not seen in many other lounges in the area. The service is decent; fresh coals take a while to come around, and the ambience is more of an Arabic style. However, the music they play offers a jarring contrast to the ambience, which might be a reason to avoid it if you prefer more relaxed music. [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2]They also serve food (their shawarmas are delicious); and they do not have a minimum requirement to buy drinks or food. They also do not charge for BYOB, or heck, even ID. This means that the place tends to be filled with high schoolers at times. Again, another reason you may want to avoid the place. [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2]The prices used to be reasonable, at about $5 a bowl, but the last time I went there, the prices had gone up to $9 a bowl.[/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2]I believe they also sell shisha, but I am not 100% sure. It's one of the older hookah bars in the area, and gets most of its customers from nearby high schools/community colleges, and the fact that it doesn't ID. Worth a visit if you're in the area, but I'd recommend Mist over this as they're not too far apart.[/size][/color]
  15. Sorry to hear that man. Had something similar happen to me last month on an order from HJ, and still trying to get it sorted out. Hopefully you're able to get stuff sorted out soon! And yeah, FedEx is stupid. I was getting a cell phone (arriving yesterday) from AT&T, and when the sales rep said they were using FedEx, I asked if they could use anyone else, but they said no. So I asked them to require a signature on delivery, as packages have been stolen before. When I get home, what do I see? The package at my doorstep, with the doormat placed over it to "hide" it or something, I guess. This after requiring delivery confirmation too... Although surprisingly, a cell phone wasn't stolen but Tangiers was (from HJ). Makes me wonder if there are any hookah enthusiasts in my apartment complex
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