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  1. nectar

    Human's Becoming Stupid?

    [quote name='ColibriDon' timestamp='1239246702' post='358027'] It's just people covering their asses. Of course we know coffee is hot and curling irons are for external use only (Although what "internal" things need curling is beyond me...but that's probably not what they mean *shudders*). Companies are tired of losing their money to desperate morons who can do nothing in life but exploit a judicial system for undeserved rewards. The fact that these judges/juries give them anything is what annoys me. "It's coffee, it's hot, you're an idiot. GTFO." [/quote] It's really all about how easy it is to win in a half insane court case, i know to many people who live there lives in hopes that they can win that "one huge case" so they can do nothing the rest of there lives. It's the modern American Dream.
  2. i'm gonna have to say for a cola flavor, al fakher is a great choice. It's pretty refreshing and mellow. Not my favirote to smoke but i defenelty enjoy it.
  3. nectar

    Hookah In Ashland Oregon

    the only hookah bar i've been able to find in the area is Intatto Coffee and Tobacco Co.in downtown ashland. It's pretty sweet, mostly a coffee shop but they have a sweet outside courtyard area for smoking hookah. Prices are pretty fare.
  4. nectar

    Oregon Smokers Or

    Ashland Oregon Medford Oregon Area