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  1. opinari


    Havana Cappuccino Smell: sweet and strong, like all the smells of a coffee shop. Cut: a bit thick, a couple stems in there. Smoke: not thick as I prefer. Tried adding some extra coal, and it got harsh and burned. Flavor: wondrous. Amazing. Delicious. Creamy and cappuccino-like, with a chocolately layer. Rating: 8/10
  2. opinari

    Drinking Age Vs War Age

    QUOTE (Hangin10 @ Jan 10 2007, 10:51 PM) I think it's kinda apples/bananas. If you enlist, you know chances are you're going to be in life/death situations at some point. Drinking is only going to kill you if you drink too much and then do something stupid. There's way too many stupid young people in the USA (myself included) to even consider lowering the drinking age. It's suicide in the parking lot of my community college, and I'd bet most of those kids are sober. Being a high school teacher, I definitely stand for keeping the minumum age around 21. My strongest reason is because I wouldn't want any of my seniors hanging out at my local bar. Secondly, those kids (mine, at least) can't afford to lose any more brain cells. They're stupid enough as it is. From what I view, most of my students make a careful decision to serve in the military--and they take it seriously. To them, there is no apparent responsibility when it comes to drinking. Some time I'll have to analyze why there is so much difference between my students here, and those I had in Europe.
  3. opinari

    Look What Mccain Wants.

    QUOTE (DarthHookah @ Dec 16 2006, 04:12 AM) and forced castration would not exactly take care of the few female offenders we have either. my take? i think with therapy a person would be able to overcome an attraction to children. problem is, the only way to get help if you ARE attracted to children is to offend, go to prison, and then be court-ordered to therapy. there needs to be someplace where they can go BEFORE they offend. that would make more sense imprisoning them if they ever do commit the crime- they had the resources available to overcome their attraction. but mental health has turned a cold shoulder to them (pedophilia was my topic in my psychology class). In this case, the situation seems almost akin to terrorism--in that one must only think or say terrorist-like things to be called such, likewise a person with pervert attractions has no where to go. The mere suggestion becomes a near act thereof. This is why I have respect for the practitioners of therapy. I don't know if I could keep level-headed if someone approached me and said "I'm having these thoughts...." fill in the blank for yourself.
  4. opinari


    That is the identical to one of my own. It's a great little hookah, isn't it? Plus, it's make so sturdy I think I could use it as a weapon.
  5. opinari

    Sultan Reviews

    Sultan Lebanese Cedar Tried it in a lounge for the first time, as an alternative to the normal fruity or sweet flavors. Then the owner suggested a mocha cappuccino bowl with a hint of cedar. That was... odd. I bought my own jar of the Lebanese Cedar for experimental purposes. Smell/Cut: smells like trees. Fairly fine cut. By the way, it's a honey mix, not molasses. Smoke: One 40mm Golden Coal for a fairly thick smoke, but nothing impressive. When using a screen, I tried an additional fraction of coal, and the tobacco started to sizzle, making the smoke too harsh. As usual, using foil seemed to work better. Flavor: Green, earthy, grassy and a bit... wood-like, I guess. A bit of minty-freshness as well. Duration: Long enough that I was getting a bit tired of the Overall: 6/10 great alternative to the norm, and definitely a surprising flavor to those who have never tried it. Not sure how well it might mix with other flavors.
  6. opinari

    Mya Saray Qt

    My favorite thing is that the Qt is built HEAVY. The seals around the base are massively ribbed, so there seems to be no question of the airtightness ever failing. The stem is made of such thick metal that I could use the stem as a weapon, if I felt so inclined. So, next time my neighbor's dog barks at me while I'm having a smoke... Secondly, the Qt pulls easier than every other mini-hookah that I've used. However, it's easy to put too much water in the base, since it is quite small... but that's an easy adjustment to make. My hose isn't as fancy as the one Tony has put on display; just wood ends and a black hose. Is that hose the one that came with the hookah?
  7. opinari

    2012 Prophecies

    A controversial Catholic saint's prophechy makes a statement closely concerning "end times" events... St. Malachy supposedly spoke a prophecy identifying the last 112 popes (from his time forward), stating that this current pope (Benedict XVI) would be the last before "Peter the Roman" would hold the papacy. Since "Petrus Romanus" is the last mentioned, some might believe that this signals the end of an earthly age--especially when one considers the ominous last words of this prophecy: "During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, the seat will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed his sheep in many tribulations; and when these things are finished, the Seven-hilled City will be destroyed, and the terrible Judge will judge his people." Since the statements of prophecy are often vague and open to subjectivity, and I am no expert in such matters, who knows what actual meaning might have been intended by this diction. However, if I am to apply this posting to your original query, literal interpretation is necessary. So, a layman's interpretation of the "prophecy" is stated thus: 2012 => next pope => destruction and judgement Once again, I'm no expert, and not a Catholic... only an avid religion enthusiast (it was just my second major in college).
  8. opinari

    Arm Them.... And Let Them Shoot.

    I'd swear that I live in the boonies some times... Though Lake Havasu is my home, and I read the news daily, there was no mention of this incident in local news. CNN made outsourced references to such, however they had no actual report of their own (that I found). How disappointing.
  9. opinari

    How Good Is Romman?

    QUOTE (mgs0lid @ Dec 28 2006, 07:03 PM) There is only one store close to me that sells shisha and the only brand they have is romman, is this stuff good and would you recomend any flavors? I've had five of their flavors (mint, fruit punch, peach, mango, double-apple), and my biggest complaint is that the smoke doesn't seem to get thick unless you use an additional hunk of charcoal. Then you have to take the coals off every few minutes to keep the shisha from burning, so it's a bit of a pain... but the mint is definitely flavorful and smooth.