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  1. Thanks, I'll be sure to follow up. I am new and having nothing to compare it to, but the reviews on hookah-shisha for the Azizi were excellent.
  2. Thanks for the welcome I did read that about Mya's @ joytron, but I suppose I really don't need a two-hose hookah. I ended up going with an Azizi Nammor with the green base from hookah-shisha, an extra 50g of shisha and 50pc roll of Golden Quicklight coal. Just checked on the tracking and see it is already out for delivery today, so excited!
  3. Thanks for the welcome and suggestion. After reading many similar posts, I've put more attention to the single hoses and will probably go with one. The fiance is equally excited and she wants to try a variety of shisha flavors so will certainly be spending a little on more shisha and coals as well.
  4. Hi everyone, new member just stopping by to say hello. Great community. Ran across this site while searching for reviews and information as I'm in the market for my first hookah. Very excited Plan on getting either the Mya Econo Gyro or the Mya Econogon with two hoses. Money's a little tight for me right now and even that $5 difference gives me a hard decision for a small difference in the pipe stem. Little about me, I'm 25 and own a townhouse in a suburb of Chicago. I have a 5 year old daughter and am engaged. Work for a large international construction management company but in the IT department. That is all, and am glad to be here.
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