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  1. Im loving it... I have to get up some pictures of the Jet Hookahs we will soon offer... Im so glad we got that bowl to fit on your hookah...
  2. Nakhla and Al Waha... for sure
  3. Just get a check up and take a few days of from smoking..
  4. We smoke in the 2 season porch with a heater and jackets. Not to fun but have to do what you have to do
  5. QUOTE (erufiku @ Nov 15 2008, 01:52 PM) QUOTE (peterjmag @ Nov 14 2008, 09:39 PM) QUOTE (erufiku @ Nov 14 2008, 07:37 PM) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a new interface... Nope, just an upgrade from a shared hosting plan to a virtual private server. /sad I mean, it gets the job done, but just having the option to view the whole shisha selection on one page would be amazing... hopefully it will be all good tomorrow... I cant even get my emails... not fun. but mnhookahs.com does work in the mean time..
  6. remember whats smiley shisha's price went too... doesnt surprise me that he is selling nakhla for that.
  7. QUOTE (willbb123 @ Nov 9 2008, 09:24 PM) you can buy a mod http://mnhookahs.com/product_info.php?prod...1472c1345e4a4f3 +1
  8. coals around the hole not on top.. add more heat and once you set the coals on the screen... give some time for the glass to heat.. smoke will get thick..
  9. We just created another version of the glass screen.. The Diamond Cut Jet Screen.. It gives more air flow then the original glass screen, as of right now they only fit Jet bowls.. Will have them on site tomorrow..
  10. Happy Halloween everybody.. Lets see what your dressing up as..
  11. Pretty healthy stash you have there... your walls look like mine did when I was in high school. nice........
  12. at first glance i thought it was your jet glass.... thank god it wasnt..
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