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  1. nathanmweiss

    New Way To Pack A Bowl

    Can anyone post more pictures of the process? I'm still confused
  2. nathanmweiss

    Got My Liitle Hookah!

    If you're happy with a small one I wouldn't bother getting a bigger one. Best thing to do is to go to a lounge and try a big one out and see if the difference is that noticeable. Since you're in the UK, sorry about the shisha situation, you guys have it tough I hear as far as having to pay a large tax on tobacco. There are herbal options like SOEX I hear, but I don't have any experience with them. Maybe take a look at the review thread and see what people are saying
  3. nathanmweiss

    I Don't Understand Nakhla Da

    As I remember it was just several layers of cellophane.
  4. nathanmweiss

    Temsah Pipe

    I'm very happy with my Temsah Shakil, got a great deal on it over the holidays (thanks to joytron's help ), Hookahcompany sent it to me with a brush that fits it perfectly so I've been able to clean it easily.
  5. nathanmweiss

    Old Tobacco = Thin Wispy Smoke?

    I had much better success today, I used my large shallow egyptian that I got with my temsaah and put on three CHs and used my windcover liberally. El Hennawy definitely can take a lot of heat, more than Nakhla. Got decent clouds this time. Thanks for the tips.
  6. I tried the hookah hookah double apple, a local mini mart had it on clearance, wasn't too impressed. The flavor was good initially, very good apple taste, but it seemed to change to just a burnt taste after 15 minutes, I tried it in both an egyptian and a phunnel with no success. And it wasn't that the tobacco itself was scorching, just seemed to be the way it is. Happened the same way in both types of bowls.
  7. nathanmweiss

    Worst Brands/flavors

    Yeah Earl Gray is strong, but it is good to mix with fruit to add a "tea" taste. It's intense though for sure
  8. nathanmweiss

    Adding Whole Or Crushed Spices To Your Tobacco

    Is there plain hookah tobacco out there that would lend itself well to being mixed with spices?
  9. nathanmweiss

    Adding Whole Or Crushed Spices To Your Tobacco

    I would definitely do cloves, screw buying expensive clove cigars.
  10. nathanmweiss


    [quote name='Click' timestamp='1297043620' post='497021'] That's what i get for trusting some bs website to host an image. Who's hotter? Dun dun dunnnnn [img]http://i.imgur.com/1zEvO.jpg[/img] [/quote] you know I wasn't interested in this show until I saw this poster, might have to check it out, I think it's on Netflix streaming right?
  11. Hey all, I recently got some clearance tobacco from hookahset. It's the El Hennawy brand. The taste on it has been decent but I'm not getting the good clouds I get from Nakhla and others. The date on the tobacco is 05/2007, but it still smells decent enough and is still juicy. Could it be that I need to acclimate it? Will that help the clouds? It is unwashed so I was thinking that could be it. Any other tips? thanks.
  12. nathanmweiss


    And I forgot to add, the meat you add needs to be already cooked.
  13. nathanmweiss

    Comments and Suggestions Forum

    Is it possible to make it so we can edit our own posts?
  14. nathanmweiss


    Ukrainian Borscht Frying pan Soup pot a little cooking oil or bacon fat 1 diced onion 1 large beet or two small ones 1/2 pound of carrots a small can of tomato paste 6 cups stock (veggie, beef, chicken, pork, any works) two tablespoons of vinegar a half a head of cabbage sliced into pieces 5 peeled and chopped potatoes half pound of chicken, pork, or beef salt pepper sautee the onion in the cooking oil or bacon fat til it is soft and translucent add the carrots and beets, a half a cup of stock, vinegar and the tomato paste stir together and let simmer until veggies start getting soft now is a good time to add salt and pepper to taste While the veggies are simmering get a soup pot with the rest of the stock in it, heat up, add potatoes once the veggie mixture is good, add it all to the pot with the stock and potatoes Add meat once it's all hot, add the cabbage, taste test again for flavor, let the cabbage cook until it's soft And there you have it, Ukrainian Borscht I learned this from Ukrainians when I was in Peace Corps in Ukraine, very satisfying and very healthy! Keeps in the fridge for at least a week, gets tastier after a couple days. Give it a try.
  15. nathanmweiss

    Double Apple

    [b]HookahHookah Double Apple[/b] [b] Bowl: Mini Phunnel 2.0 [/b] [b]Coals:[/b] 1.5 CH nats [b]Cut:[/b] Very finely cut and fairly dry, some juice in bottom of the tub, juice thinner than most tobaccos [b]Smell:[/b] Smells like it should, appley [b]Taste:[/b] taste is quite good at the beginning, very good apple flavor, but it all began to taste burnt after the first half hour, no matter where I moved the coals. Not really worth doing two rounds of coals on a bowl IMO [b]Smoke Thickness:[/b] It's ok, but when it got good the tobacco started tasting crappy and I didn't really want to do massive clouds. [b]Buzz:[/b] None. [b]Duration:[/b] 45 minutes [b]Overall satisfaction: 5/10 [b]Could be that the tobacco is old, I bought it in a local shop on clearance, but this just wasn't that great. Couldn't find a date on the container. I hope the cherry I got is better. [/b] [/b]