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  1. glider


    personally, this is why i dont shop with john.... were we not ALL in the understanding that the Pico was going to be a regular production bowl? *LIMITED*? for fucks sake... everything is limited. i can only buy so many small tang phunnels before the stock runs out and more need to be made. his business ethics drive me up my damn wall. lets not get me started on any of my personal vendettas. what a joke.... Alex *statements made in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of the wonderful members of HookahForum*
  2. hey guys! i, for whatever reason, just got bitten by the tangiers bowl bug... before i go out and buy some new i was wanting to see if anyone had any extras of ones i dont have that they would be willing to sell. What i have so far: Pico(8) 7ico(7) Small phunnel(4) a big-small phunnel(3) Small Super cheif So that means Im looking for medium phunnels, a large phunnel and the mini phunnels. if you know the exact number of your bowl that would be super awesome. no color preference. shoot me a PM and we can work something out. thanks! Alex
  3. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1347930854' post='556588'] [quote name='Cherry_Smoker1987' timestamp='1347868290' post='556525'] [color=#B22222]well sometimes it's not just rust or the hose that is degrading... [/color][color=#006400]sometimes u get the ash from the shisha in the hose...[/color] [color=#FFD700]then u get it in ur mouth...[/color][color=#00FFFF] UGH so nasty. it's def. [/color][color=#FFA500]not the charcoal. but sometimes[/color][color=#EE82EE] it really is the tobacco that gets in the hose.[/color][color=#800080] i use a vortex and i like to pack it[/color][color=#00FF00] a little bit fuller than what it recommends.[/color] [color=#FFA500]but the old [/color][color=#800080]bowls i was using, u know that ones with the holes at the bottom?[/color][color=#DDA0DD] [/color][color=#B22222]yea.. those... let a lot of burnt shisha pieces into the hose..[/color] [color=#FFA500]and then some of it gets[/color] [color=#FF0000]caught in the [/color][color=#0000CD]hose. well i hoped i helped a bit. [/color] [/quote] So the ash/tobacco first traveled from your bowl to the water through the stem, and then it managed to get in the hose? Seems pretty far fetched to me. [/quote] carried out of the water, breaking cohesion, up a few inches, against gravity. through the hose... duh. Alex
  4. [quote name='Cherry_Smoker1987' timestamp='1347869555' post='556526'] [color=#800000]That is so nasty.... [/color][color=#40e0d0] I have never and will never [/color][color=#0000ff]buy a used hookah. [/color][color=#006400]although i am bad about cleaning [/color][color=#ff8c00]the hookahs when i buy them [/color][color=#008000]But i do really scrub them when i need to clean them.[/color][color=#daa520] and i mean i scrub it!. lemon juice, baking soda, the brushes. i mean i SCRUB[/color][color=#008000]. [/color][color=#0000ff]but not once have i ever had a hookah look like that. i have [/color][color=#800000]smoked .... mary jane out of a hookah before. [/color][color=#ee82ee]and yea.. smells nasty, tastes nasty after[/color][color=#008000] [/color][color=#ffa500]u try to smoke actual shisha out of it. but i scrubbed[/color][color=#008000] [/color][color=#800080]and scrubbed it until it [/color][color=#ffa500]finally went away... and.. [/color][color=#008080]smoking regular shisha out of it helped a lot too...[/color] [color=#ff0000]BUT NEVER GET A USED HOOKAH!!!!!! [/color][color=#00ff00]Most of the time...[/color] [color=#b22222]a used hookah is really degraded [/color][color=#0000cd] and normally.... was used by pot heads[/color][color=#800000] so honestly, NEVER get a used hookah again... well unless u thoroughly check it out.[/color] [color=#daa520]But honestly, I would rather spend the money [/color][color=#ff0000]on a brand new hookah, instead of a used one. [/color] [/quote] [img]http://www.myfacewhen.net/uploads/3889-my-eyes.png[/img]
  5. 5 hours on an alien with k-peach. how i got 5 hours on that bowl and only 3 on my small and pico... ill never know... Alex
  6. glider


    oh i forgot! i saw Rush last year another great show! Alex
  7. glider


    lets see.... ive seen Red Hot Chili Peppers, Charlie Daniels Band, Avenged Sevenfold twice(once before the death of the Rev and once after), Cage the Elephant, AWOLNATION, Boston, Journey, Kansas, Night Ranger, Foreigner, ACDC, Van Halen, Seether, Bullet for my Valentine, Stained, Jimmy Buffet and Tenacious D.... i think thats everyone... all excellent shows but my favorites would have to be RHCP and Foreigner. incredible shows!! Alex
  8. these are great shots!! i use a little 35mm camera for random shots and i find that smoke is one of the more interesting and mystifying mediums to shoot with. Alex
  9. glider

    Tangiers Pico Bowl...

    [quote]5Star has the package deal where you can get one Pico with either THREE packageS of Lucid or THREE packageS of Birquq. Colors: Orange/Brown, Brown Splash, Grayish Blue, Black, Dark Blue, Orange/Black, Yellow/Black, Green Splash. $55.99 for either package.[/quote] Fixed. wth... i paid 5 bucks more for my package deal last thursday... when did this price drop come about? i get my pico on wednesday btw. got the green splash color scheme. Alex
  10. glider

    Tangiers Pico Bowl...

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1338165340' post='548101'] What the hell is this package deal nonsense?? [/quote] wanna know my thought? nothing against alex because i think 5star is great... but it may be a way to sell the pico bowl at a higher price than 14.99 Alex
  11. clayton you sent me that pic last night and i was just struck with awe. it looks to be the same size as the "mini" prototype that stuie reviewed at some point. holy jesus thats a small bowl.... Alex
  12. try shining a light down both the top of the hose port and the top of the purge port and looking at the bottom to see how much light passes through. find some pipe cleaners(the ones used for cleaning briar pipes and such) and run them through a few times. if that doesnt work i dont know what will. then again you could have a drillbit stuck in your purge pipe like my first KM did... Alex
  13. glider


    wow. thats not a very polite way to address the situation... i would blame the PO first and foremost... Mahir and Nazar Hookah are both very well respected on this forum and also amongst many other hookah smokers. once a package leaves Mahir's hands... its at the postal service's mercy. personally i dont trust ANY method of shipping (fedex, UPS, USPS...) because they can man handle your packages and then deliver them to you and say something along the lines of "damages came from our sorting facility and blah blah blah". your words sound like you are making this out to be a personal attack or something... Mahir is NOT going to put his reputation on the line to intentionally harass a customer. period. Mahir cant tell you what is wrong with your package because its out of his hands now. the postal service cant tell you for maybe a 100 different reasons, however it is now part of the postal services responsibility. Alex