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    Lazy Dayz Lounge

    I've never been to the one in Newport News, but I've been to the new one in Norfolk. It's one of the better ones around. The staff is generally friendly and attentive, but on busy night things get a little hectic. There's a decent amount of seating, but there have been times when we've ended up sitting across the table from strangers (not a big deal, but it can get awkward). Up until recently, they were one of the cheaper places too. But I still prefer this atmosphere and it's good on slower nights when I can just chill. One downside is there's very limited parking, as their parking lot is shared with another business. They give student discounts, but only to the college right down the street, which a lot of my friends have complained about. But it's still saved a lot of money. All in all, I'd give this place an 8/10.