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  1. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1299504466' post='500505']
    No holes on the sides ? :-s won't it trap too much heat this way ?

    Perhaps this quick heat analysis I did of my can design helps to show why THIS design works so well.

    No wind cover on. No air drawing through bowl.
    No wind cover on. Air is drawing through bowl.

    Wind cover in place. No air drawing through bowl.
    Wind cover in place. Air is drawing through the bowl.

  2. Same exit, 263, South marietta parkway. Cross over 41 (Cobb parkway) and you'll find "The Pipeline" on the right. It's a very good little smoke shop with lots of hookah stuff, pipes, spice, grinders, vaporizors etc. Usual smoke shop stuff, but the people are SUPER nice and will price match from any website other than ebay.

  3. [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1292473035' post='491488']
    Great instructions.

    Thank you, I tried to make them clear and understandable. I hope that this helps somebody down the line who is either exposed to hookah but doesn't have one yet, or if people need a good travel hookah so their nicer stuff doesn't get damaged. They also make good gifts.

  4. Haha the sheisha I use is very juicy. (Fantasia brand) and the draw through style bowl I use for 1 person sessions lets a lot down the stem, where it mixes with the water and dyes it after about two bowls. I change the water once every 4 bowls or so. If I use a vortex bowl it holds the moisture in, but it is two large to blow through sheisha with by myself.

  5. I find it interesting how much the hookah has gained popularity recently. I think it would be interesting to share how I started and I encourage you to do the same.

    I hadn't heard of the hookah until about august 2008 as I started my Freshman year at SPSU. It was there I met two separate friends who loved hookah smoking. One was a chick named Jensen who I would help studying and I still see from time to time, and the other Geoff, my now really close friend. I had seen them both use their hookahs occasionally and I remember one night when Geoff was smoking. He kept talking in a low demonic voice as the smoke exited his mouth, and I was then in hurry to give it a try. It reminded me of how helium can be fun to talk with to get a laugh with friends and I wanted that feeling. So after a series of slowly inhaled and slowly talked out puffs my head felt light, and I remmeber liking the sweet air I was breathing. I also was very amuzed by my new found smoke talking trick (new to me). I didn't realize until a little further in that I felt relaxed, happy, and a little liht headed in a good way. Geoff told me that was the hookah buzz. I've enjoyed ever since :)

  6. [quote name='UGAHookah' timestamp='1255502124' post='416523']
    Alpharetta, GA what are some decently priced Hookah lounges in the ATL area? Does anyone have any they recommend?

    Cafe Istanbul off of Clairmont Road just a few exits north of the city.

    I'm Chris I live in Dekalb, go to SPSU in Marietta.

  7. Okay, I will also add that you can use the bottom of the can to draw air through slower, and it also "traps" heat over the bowl for when the coal is almost out. this draws air in from th esideds, and with the way I have my wind cover to open RIGHT above the coal, this draws air over th etop of the coal from different angles to take advantage of the surface of the coal.

    It's just the bottom of th ecan with 4 tirnagular slits:



  8. Okay, I have seen that people are using aluminum foil wind covers.
    This is my preferred method. I cut the bottom of an enrgy drink can off, and hack at the top until the hole is as large as I'd like
    pretty self explanitory. Works well!

    The can after modification:

    Sitting on the bowl (supported by ash tray)


    This blurry photo is a hand held in a dark room shot showing the heated coal when drawing air through cover.


  9. Step 1, remove the jar's lid and use the thumbtack to poke a hole slightly off center about 1/2 of an inch from the edge. poke another the same disance from the other side. Use these hols to slice an X into the jar slightly smaller than the stem of the lamp. As shown in the drawing below.

    Step 2, press the lamp stem through the X. Place a washer and nut on both sides of the lid (to "sandwich" the lid between them) and tighten down to crimp the edges of the jar onto the stem. As seen in the picture below.

    Step 3
    press the barb fitting through the other hole, and cake up a healthy layer of the JB weld (mixed to a shade of medium gray in equal portions) both above and below the lid of the jar and let set for a tight seal. Leave some of the barbs exposed above the lid.

    Step 4:
    arange the adapters in such a way as shown below. I have 3 adapters because I didn't plan ahead, the links I sent you to should give you 2 adapters

    Step 5:
    Fill the hookah with as much water as desired, loosen the nuts holding the stem in and adjust as needed for the jar and water height. (threading the stem into the jar a long way is reccomended, the hookah can hold more smoke, and the water bubbling is lsee likely to get into the hose)

    Step 6: slip the tubeing onto the barb fitting, this is your hookah hose.
    Step 7: place a standard $1 silicon grommet from a smoke shop coupled with a bolw of your choice on top of the stem and adapters like so:


    The hooka is ready to be enjoyed. If this is popular, I can show how to make an excellent wind cover for the hooka, and may even learn how to make a cheap ash tray for it. the ash tray I am using is from a store bought hookah and is held on the stem with a second set of nuts.

    Enjoy your new hookah. Bring to parties. if the jar is broken, just replace.

  10. [IMG]http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n15/eastermonkey/Jar%20Hookah/finished.jpg[/IMG]

    This is a hookah design my friends and I have been using for 2 years and it smokes excellent. It's tunable (you can adjust neck height, volume of smoke in chamber v/s liquid by lowering or raising the pickup tube. And you can use 25 or 50 foot hoses if you want). Other benefits are taking pride in the hookah, and great conversation starter at parties. People ask me if I would make them one all of the time and I have made several. Okay, so things you will need.

    1- Mason Jar, the larger the better (can be found in most homes, or purchased in a large pack of 15 for about $10, but you just need 1, so if you need just one, try to buy somehting packaged in a mason jar.

    These items from home depot plumbing isle
    [b]1-A threaded lamp stem kit with washers and nuts $5.74[/b]

    [b]1-1/8 ip to 1/2 in adapter $3.01[/b]

    [b]1/2 in flared fitting $2.24[/b]

    [b]1- 3/8 diameter 10 foot vynil tubing $6.90[/b]

    [b]3/8 double barb fitting $2.45[/b]

    [b]1-JB Weld or other cold welding adhesive $4.97[/b]

    total: $25.31 USD

    Tools needed:
    A thumbtack
    a sharp knife
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