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  1. Ohaithere!

    Hello everyone, new to the forums. Was browsing google for ways to properly dispose of coals and found this forum.
  2. Moon Smoke Shop

    [quote name='Zinite' timestamp='1252623810' post='405484'] [b][u]Selection: [/u]Coals: [/b]Diamente Japanese, 33mm 3 Kings, bags of lump naturals, random quick lights [b]Shisha:[/b]Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Deja Vu, Layalina, Golden Layalina, Epic Smoke [b]Hookahs: [/b]Low quality Chinese [b]Friendliness: [/b]5/10. Nice people, but I've gone in there and had an employee be so drunk that he literally fell over trying to reach some Shisha on a low shelf. [b] Knowledge about hookahs: [/b]1/10. Know your stuff before you go in there - they try and upsell you to Starbuzz every time. [/quote] Sorry to resurrect a old topic, but I joined to respond to this post. I'm a manager for Moon Smoke Shop and this review makes me sad. I'm wondering which store you visited. While it is true some of our employees may not know a lot about hookahs and shisha, the majority do. The reason a lot of our employees will try to up sell Starbuzz is because in most of our opinions it beats the pants off of the rest of the shisha we sell. I've tried every brand of shisha we sell and Starbuzz is by far the best. We are always open to customer requests and suggestions. I also noticed this review was posted over a year ago, our stock has changed since then and we carry a variety of hookahs, not just cheap Chinese ones. Please come visit us again, preferably my location at Broadway/Kolb. And if you ever deal with a rude employee or someone who seem indifferent or uncaring please talk to the manager on duty. We try to keep our customers happy as repeat business is the best business. Now off to find a introduction thread..