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  1. Sahara Smoke Co

    What are you smoking right now?

    I am smoking Nakhla Peach and Mint
  2. Sahara Smoke Co

    Lighting Natural Coals

    The portable $10 stovetops are definitely the way to go with naturals. Compressed coconut coals usually take about 10 minutes on a high setting, you usually only need to flip them twice to get them fully lit.
  3. Sahara Smoke Co

    Snakes On A Plane

    For coals they're less likely to take naturals than quick lights due the the chemicals in quick lights that can be considered a breach of TSA policy.
  4. Sahara Smoke Co

    Smoking Hookah Give You Gas?

    I've had hookah relax me, but not that much!
  5. QUOTE (Zinite @ Feb 5 2009, 07:12 PM) You're washing your hose with water? Unless it's a Nammor or Razan, that willl cause the metal coil to rust. Might be your problem right there... Square natural coals are awesome... keep using them. Most of us use Tangiers Phunnel bowls because the Vortex are notorious for flaws with the holes. A lot of them have the holes too low so that there is no air flow. We've cleared up all issues with Vortex bowl hole placement, our current stock all have holes on top of the spire.
  6. Sahara Smoke Co

    The Works

    I prefer heavy duty foil to regular foil as well, if you haven't been getting it.
  7. Sahara Smoke Co

    What Am I Doing Wrong....?

    It really sounds like your coals might not be fully lit in the beginning. Spend some time making sure you're really getting them going.
  8. Sahara Smoke Co

    My First Video Review

    Convert the video to something that's compact but still high quality like .mp4 before you upload it or else youtube converts it for you and has the tendency to mess things up. Glad to see more folks making vids though.
  9. Sahara Smoke Co


    I can imagine it being hard to get any sort of good clouds with that.
  10. Sahara Smoke Co

    Granny Hookah

    Very nice.
  11. Sahara Smoke Co

    Pack Loosely To Get More Smoke?

    QUOTE (antouwan @ Nov 24 2008, 01:30 AM) as previously mentioned, different packing methods for different tobaccos. BUT i prefer to pack loosely because i find that it allows for an easier draw. and an easier draw = longer draw = more smoke volume = more smokesation.... This would be the ideal reasoning for packing loosely... though different bowls require tweaks to packing methods as well.
  12. Sahara Smoke Co

    Hookah Adverts

    At some point there will likely be a mainstream printed Hookah magazine as it grows in popularity, but until then hookahs will (sadly) be grouped with other smoking devices. We're waiting for that day.
  13. Sahara Smoke Co

    Hookah Adverts

    QUOTE (Cybersist @ Nov 18 2008, 04:06 PM) QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Nov 18 2008, 05:00 PM) I can't say if they do do this or not but it would be nice if they actually made a comment in the add "something along the lines of .... no bullshit just shisha" or something like that, ya know make a little comment to show the public what it is used for and nothing else. I mean it may not have a huge impact but it would still give us "the legit hookah smokers" something to use when people say omg thats a NHT device yada yada yada. they did do the basic "intended for tobacco use only" line, and they even included a discount code lol. if your interested, I wrote it down It may have been basic, but we meant it. We do not condone the use of NHT products, but we advertise where we are given the opportunity to do so. We also have an ad in Rolling Stone Magazine this month. Both advertisement opportunities came from an agent who found us deals on Ad spots. Passing on either deal would more than likely have been a mistake.
  14. Sahara Smoke Co

    Smoke Heart?

    Very nice.