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  1. What are you smoking right now?

    I am smoking Nakhla Peach and Mint
  2. Hookah Forum! For this week we're giving you an updated coupon code on both SaharaSmoke.com and HookaHHookaH.com! Be sure if you're placing an order on either site up until May 2nd to use the coupon code, "HF20" and you'll receive a full 20% off of your order! Thanks and Happy Smoking!
  3. Lighting Natural Coals

    The portable $10 stovetops are definitely the way to go with naturals. Compressed coconut coals usually take about 10 minutes on a high setting, you usually only need to flip them twice to get them fully lit.
  4. Snakes On A Plane

    For coals they're less likely to take naturals than quick lights due the the chemicals in quick lights that can be considered a breach of TSA policy.
  5. There's a good deal going on with our sister site, HookaHHookaH.com! From now until April 10th these states are receiving 50% off of ground shipping: California, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, and Colorado! Then, on April 10th we'll be switching the states around, roulette style, to find out which of our customers will get half off ground shipping! We'll be sure to keep you updated!
  6. Also, a quick announcement about our weekend special! This weekend we're giving away a free Vortex bowl on all orders with subtotals of $30 or more -- so if you're curious about the Vortex bowl, now's your chance!
  7. QUOTE (trivial @ Feb 19 2009, 01:22 PM) cool.. love ure guys bases just got one on my km! Was wondering if you guys are going to make any bags that are 35 - 40 inches long... I would be very interested in buying one Unfortunately we stopped carrying extra long bags because all of our stems separate into "tiers" now. I wish we could help you out man!
  8. News Bases and Restocked Bases! -- We're proud to show off some fresh stuff as well as make the announcement that we have some of our fine glassware back in stock! INTRODUCING: The Tsunami Vase. It's a large dish vase version of the Purple Dicro... it has some nice splashes of orange in it too. The Genie Green Dicro and the Genie Blue Dicro - Take our best selling dicros and shrink 'em down to Genie size. Adorable! OLD CONTESTANTS THAT ARE BACK FOR MORE: Blue Sub-Zero Genie, Black Sub-Zero Genie, Black and White Dicro Genie, Smoke Candy Stripe Genie, and the Smoke Bubble Genie. -- These are all of the genie bases we have back in stock currently. Green Dicro, Blue Dicro, Black and White Dicro, Sky Blue Bubble, Smoke Filigree, Green Candy Stripe. -- If you missed out on these medium Sahara bases, well... now's your chance! That's all for now, stay tuned for more updates!
  9. Smoking Hookah Give You Gas?

    I've had hookah relax me, but not that much!
  10. QUOTE (Zinite @ Feb 5 2009, 07:12 PM) You're washing your hose with water? Unless it's a Nammor or Razan, that willl cause the metal coil to rust. Might be your problem right there... Square natural coals are awesome... keep using them. Most of us use Tangiers Phunnel bowls because the Vortex are notorious for flaws with the holes. A lot of them have the holes too low so that there is no air flow. We've cleared up all issues with Vortex bowl hole placement, our current stock all have holes on top of the spire.
  11. The Works

    I prefer heavy duty foil to regular foil as well, if you haven't been getting it.
  12. Hey guys, we just got in our big shipment of Vortex bowls! We've taken care to make sure that the hole placement on each one is perfect, and on top of that (yes, that's a horrible bowl pun), they're coming in Black, Blue, White, Brown, and finally... Green! Experience the Vortex!
  13. What Am I Doing Wrong....?

    It really sounds like your coals might not be fully lit in the beginning. Spend some time making sure you're really getting them going.
  14. My First Video Review

    Convert the video to something that's compact but still high quality like .mp4 before you upload it or else youtube converts it for you and has the tendency to mess things up. Glad to see more folks making vids though.