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  1. HookahLover25

    Tangiers Tobacco 4 Sale!

    Someone buy all of em :D!
  2. HookahLover25

    Tangiers Tobacco 4 Sale!

    Okay finally decided to sell him separately Noir-Brambleberry 500G - $30 shipped Noir-Blackberry 250G - $20 shipped Birquq - Boysenberry 500G - $30 shipped   Or take all of em for $65 shipped. All brand new.  
  3. HookahLover25

    Tangiers Tobacco 4 Sale!

    Price change to $65 shipped.
  4. HookahLover25

    Tangiers Tobacco 4 Sale!

    Hahaha no worries. When I saw it at 5star, I'm like da heck.
  5. HookahLover25

    Tangiers Tobacco 4 Sale!

    Actually bought it from 5star. Yep only Selling as lot if not one is interested then I mite consider splitting it.
  6. HookahLover25

    Tangiers Tobacco 4 Sale!

    The 500G comes in 1 package not 2. Just to clarify.
  7. HookahLover25

    Tangiers Tobacco 4 Sale!

    Noir-Brambleberry 500G Noir-Blackberry 250G Birquq - Boysenberry 500G All new packaged sealed! $75 Shipped. US only please. Selling as a lot. Thx for looking :)
  8. Tangiers cane mint!!! Other wise I'll go crazy if i dont have it on my stash...seriously.
  9. Also, do you prefer mizo or og mint? Both :D! I love mint.
  10. You'll have one loyal customer with those sweet prices, if you do decide to be a vendor.. I'm pretty much a Nakla Mint Fieeenddd.
  11. HookahLover25

    Got A New One Today

    What are you guys talking about?! I see the image, it's right there! Open your eyes, my asian eyes -_- can see it!
  12. HookahLover25

    Bizarre Mixes

    Ohh okay i get it now, But you know some of those mixes might be "bizarre" but how would you know they might taste good!!!? Thats how i found out with my mix pretty bombbbbbbbbbb
  13. HookahLover25

    Bizarre Mixes

    Hacitragus + Cane Mint = I call this "Forbidden Forest Mist" . I love this mix so much I smoke it at least twice a week.  50/50 MIX.
  14. For the Nargile website I know it's in turkish but is there an english version, where i can order? There's 3 pipes there that i want and there only around $40 thats a steal for me!
  15. HookahLover25

    "Join Me In Tiny Chat" Megathread

    Im thereeeeee :D