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  1. Hey. I dont know many people out in the IE. But have a huge group of smoker friends. You guys ever head out to OC?

  2. The guys down at the Mirage Cafe are considering closing down shop/ This saddens me because this was my first lounge experience. They know what they are doing and I have always had a good time there. If you live in the Inland Empire, take a drive over and check these guys out. It is on the corner of Sunnymead and Bak St. in Moreno Valley, CA.
  3. coreyad

    My 3 Km'S

    i keep spelling pear wrong dang it lol
  4. coreyad

    My 3 Km'S

    thanks guys! i go with greek god names with my hookahs, so the blue one is Poseidon, the black one is hates, but the egyption writing one, i had to call Anubis lol and i am eyeballing one that had white pairs, for Athena.
  5. coreyad

    My 3 Km'S

    Blue Double pare 41" hookah. Black Double pare 42" hookah. Ice Catch 36" hookah.
  6. So your a fan of Al Fahker?? Hell ya!! lol AF Watermelon is my favorite flavor of all time

  7. really?? baked it huh... hmmm.. i might hve to try that before my order gets here for sure... i am open for all ideas
  8. oh i plan to seal, just want to get the dang water out. i like the stem and vase cooled, so i use a lot of ice. the water has to come out some how... it got in there...
  9. Ok, so I have one of the Khalil Mamoon hookahs with the ice catch on the top... i have had it about a month and a half, and every time i put ice in the catch, it would melt and no water was left behind. Then one day, i picked up my hookah and could hear water INSIDE the hookah... every time i used the ice catch, more water seemed to leak inside... here is my question, did anyone else have this problem?? and how the HECK do i get the water out of my hookah. I want to avoid rusting...
  10. hey bro, wanna chill and smoke sometime?? i am in moreno valley. just moved here. looking for smoking friends

  11. hey hit me up when you get back to cali. come smoke a bowl

  12. what up bro, wanna smoke sometime?? i just moved to moreno valley from new mexico. looking for people to chill and smoke with.

  13. wanna smoke sometime bro?? just moved to moreno valley, dont know fucking anyone...

  14. what up bro wanna smoke sometime???

  15. whats up bro, here in moreno valley. wanna smoke sometime??