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  1. [quote name='rhineholt' timestamp='1330380241' post='540708'] I think I like where this is going... [img]http://imgur.com/tCp90.gif[/img] [/quote] Close your mouth when you chew please!
  2. Sometimes I go through others profiles to check other threads they've made. Could be a possibility.. But if you're seeing a big number of guests doing this , that seems a littly phishy to me (pun intended)
  3. [quote name='Judy Oma' timestamp='1326661852' post='535670'] OK I'm way behind on my Top Gear episodes am definitely going to look for the christmas episode! [/quote] It's on season 16 I believe..
  4. Hahh i've spotted hookahs in about 3 or 4 of their episodes. I got some good laughs from the Iraq special.
  5. So I'm guessing that means no wearhouse in Encinitas anymore?
  6. Anyone else hear about the egyptian clay bowls not being sold anymore? Some guy at my local shop said he cant find them anymore, something to do with toxins in the clay when they get to a certain temp :/
  7. [quote name='Dereksd' timestamp='1324429441' post='533473'] Ahhh ok well I'm from SD. Live in la right now but moving back to sd Saturday. Gonna be in IB. We should hang [/quote] I gotta head back out of town monday :/ I'm stationed in Florida right now. the hookah scene over there sucks
  8. [quote name='Dereksd' timestamp='1324003378' post='533172'] Imperial are you from imperial beach or just use that name? [/quote] Haha just an old name. Im in Santee.
  9. Cant wait to be back home! its only a 5 minute drive from my house and it was just opening when i left for bootcamp This lounge is all open to the public right?
  10. Where in SD? As said above if you want to make the trip to Encinitas Hookahcompany has everything you can imagine hookah and usually they can hook you up.
  11. I just grabbed a kilo of tangiers today and though I did good but holy crap haha
  12. [quote name='squidget' timestamp='1297811786' post='498012']Do their open hours on their website match their retail front hours? I sent them an email and I didn't hear back from them yet. I'm going to be there over the weekend and I would love to stop in but it says M-F on the site. [/quote] Ya I go there probably every other week, but I'm almost positive they are closed through the weekends. You can always give them a call and see what they can do for you. All of the staff is really chill.
  13. Ya that sounds right. Cant get the phunnel bowl down though, im almost about to give up.
  14. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1288249313' post='486636'] Osama bin Laden? Lookin' good brotha! I'm really diggin' it! [/quote] Yupp got it straight from him myself But I think i read that it was designed by Osama, one of the sons of the KM family. Thanks for the comments!
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