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  1. Nick88

    Km Or Mya

    [color="#000000"]This wont be my first hookah. I have a egyptian that I bought a while back im just looking to get a nicer hookah. I liked the km an mya both I was just wondering if anyone had come across or heard of any major problems with the shooting star or the colossus. Just didnt want to spend money on something that turned out to be junk even though ive heard good things about km and mya. Thanks for everyones input. I went with the mya and well have it monday. [/color][color="#000000"] [/color]
  2. Nick88

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    Decatur, IL. Anyone know of any good hookah lounges in the champaign or springfield area ?
  3. Hey Im looking to buy me a new hookah and I am trying to decide between a KM shooting star or a Mya colossus. I woundering if anyone has tried any of these or had another hookah in mind that they thought was a pretty good deal.