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  1. Ok guys and gals...I'm looking for a good fruit flavor that will knock my socks off. I usually go with washed because I don't care for the taste/hit that the unwashed gives you. I was wondering what you guys think is the best shisha that when you smoke it...you get the full 100% flavor. Give me the name of the brand and the flavor. I want to see what you guys pick because I'm due for another stock up pretty soon. With the nice weather lately...and 80 degree days, it makes smoking that much more enjoyable. Cheers
  2. Really Basic Question

    [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1300224874' post='501596'] would someone care to explain to my why the smoke going over your tongue one way would not have the same effect of it going over my tongue the other way? The smoke is in your mouth in contact with your entire tongue, tip on back in both directions simply by being in your mouth. Plus the taste buds are distributed all over your tongue. See article linked. as it says, if sweet is in the tip, why can you taste salt there as well? [url="http://www.livescience.com/7113-tongue-map-tasteless-myth-debunked.html"]http://www.livescien...h-debunked.html[/url] [/quote] Because when you inhale you're breathing in faster and the smoke goes straight to your lungs.....whereas the exhale is slower and it rolls off the tongue therefore you get more of the "taste." My $.02
  3. How many of those Mazayas would you use on a medium tang phunnel for starbuzz?
  4. Went ahead and ordered the Mazayas. Thanks for the advice...will let you know how it goes!
  5. I was looking for some Coco Naras but they didn't have any. Then I was looking for some Exoticas and they didn't have those either. I want to buy from them because I need coals by Saturday and they have the fastest shipping around. (Helps that I live a few hours from San Diego). I don't want quick lights...just all natural. But anyways...what would you guys recommend? [b]Coco Mazaya[/b] coals [b]CH Hookah Coconut coals [/b][b]Inhale Hookah[/b] coals Which one would you get? Going to make my order in a few minutes...need some advice!!
  6. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1299038652' post='500002'] 2 minutes? Damn, you must have a really good burner... Sounds like you're not lighting them fully. You need to do that. [/quote] It's a few minutes...2 to 3.
  7. Not sure what you guys are talking about with the coals on fire, lol. I've never had that problem. I take a coal and split it in 3 (Exoticas) and then put them on the stover burner. Turn it on for about 2 minutes and then take them off and put them on the hookah. They're usually half white and then as time goes on (as you know) they turn completely white. That was my question...do you wait until they are fully white, or does it not make a difference??
  8. What I mean is....do you wait until the coals are white before you put them on the bowl? Sometimes I notice they get the coals started on the stove for a few minutes and then throw them on the bowl. Half of it's still black. Is this ok to do...or will it mess up the flavor? I'm using a Mya with a tangiers phunnel and Nammor hose. I think I have all the good stuff now....just want to get the best out of each session so I want to learn all the tricks! Thanks in advance.
  9. Cool...sounds like AF Vanilla is the way to go. Is Al Fakher a pretty respected brand around here? I hear a lot of people saying great things about it...and then I look and it's only $3.49 for 50g. Looks like I'll be picking that up. Also, is AF easier to get smoking right? Tangiers is a bitch! lol
  10. I'm not sure if Tangiers even has one...but if they did I would like to try it. What's the best Vanilla you guys have had? I'm looking for a deep Vanilla bean type flavor, something authentic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thankz
  11. Interesting...I'll have to try it without the hole next time. I've always preferred holes. In fact, I love holes.
  12. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1298155657' post='498496'] [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1298152663' post='498486'] I first was turned onto argileh by my trips to Lebanon as a teenager and while in college As I looked around, I found a few places serving them in DC, then when it was time to get my own, I got one in Beirut, and only found out about HF after that, I certainly didn't join for several years until after I got mine. I used to and still do by almost all my mu'assal and coals locally as well. Now, no internet - no Elmas, THAT'S for sure! [/quote] [font="arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"][size="2"]Yeah I smoked before I found out there was a forum, but all my sessions were garbage. I have hookah forum to thank for continuing an activity that will most certainly lead to a painful and cancerous death! [/size][/font] [/quote] Wow...I'm looking forward to that. Of course every smoker (cigarettes) I know usually lives into their damn 90's. Plus...isn't shisha much better for you anyways?? Doesn't matter...we're all gonna die eventually. Might as well do the things in life that make you happy. Ok, I'm done now. Continue on..
  13. Good stuff. But aren't you suppose to poke a hole in the middle??
  14. For some reason I can't get Tangiers to smoke right. I know, I know...you've probably heard this about a thousand times. I've acclimated it for over a week now...but I think the problem lies in heat management. It's way too harsh. How would you guys use those Exotica finger coals....how many would you use and at what time? There's the long coal that's can be broken into thirds...each piece being a couple inches long. Should I get a hammer and break those apart and try and spread the heat out so it's more even? Any suggestions would help. Also...is Lucid easier to get smoking properly or about the same as the Noir? Thanks PS. Forgot to say that currenly I'm using two thirds of a coal...one on each side of the medium Tangiers phunnel. I keep it on the outside and rotate it occassionally.
  15. Hookah Peeves

    I hate it when I have the PERFECT session going....I'm talking perfect taste, great clouds and it's hitting just right. You're so stoked so you pass the hose to someone and say "try that it's awesome." They take a hit and then COUGH as if it's harsh. REALLY? They don't know what harsh is if they are hacking up their lungs over that.