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  1. Okay so first off. I contacted a family friend like "hey, wanna check out my new hookah? I got this nice tobacco I use in it and I was wanting to get your opinion of it." Now that that's out the way here's what happened. I went over to his house. Packed a bowl of this 360 Ocean Mist stuff which is REALLY good. So he takes a few puffs and I smoke the rest. I show his wife my hookah and she freaks out because it's a "party EDIT" and they both know I don't even smoke NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco) anymore. Still she threatens to call the cops if I don't get it out her house so out of respect I leave. Albeit shaken up (because I'm on probate for an assault charge) I'm debating on taking it out again and smoking another bowl of it. Who here thinks that's bullsh*t and how many people have been stereotyped because of this misconception?
  2. I'm new here. Just curious. When is your favorite time to smoke out of your hookah? I like to sit out in the woods and smoke this "ocean mist" flavored stuff around dusk. PERFECT time for me. Plus the taste is incredible! It always seems to taste better around that time too.