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  1. So - have ya smoked it yet?  Let us know how it works, how many days it took to finish, # of coals you burned, etc  That thing if freakin' massive.
  2. If you decide to go the separate hose route, try the washable hoses direct from [url="http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=602&DEPARTMENT_ID=36"]myasaray[/url].  If memory serves I paid about $7 US each - great price considering most resellers charge double that for the metal-tipped hoses.  They are very flexible and a snap to clean.
  3. I break up my massell, picking out all the timber. once I have about a tablespoon or so, I sprinkle it into the bowl, lightly tapping down any high spots.  Then I take a 33mm coal and break it in half, light each half, and place them on the far opposite sides of the screen, then place the wind cover over the bowl.  When I had the 40mm coals I only used half a coal at a time.
  4. Ya Mon, Screens have been great, at least for me.  I've gotten hookahs for a couple of friends, and always order screens with 'em.  The fewer variables the better.  One other tidbit I picked up was to use a wind cover to contain heat.  Fewer coals, same results.  in addition, if you're using a wind cover with a screen, bend the 5th tab UP so it doesn't ctach on the wind cover when you remove it to move or replace coals.  I failed to do this and had I been inside I would have had another hookah scar on the carpet.
  5. I haven't ordered from BNN, but always got good service from socialsmoke.  If my any chance you do run into problems, call them and ask for Ali - He'll hook you up.  Very nice guy and very good about customer service and quality control. BTW, the wife and I came up with a couple good flavor combos - 25% mint + 75% cappucino - tastes like an andes mint.  The other is equal parts af orange + vanilla - like a creamsicle!
  6. AF Orange rocks - one of my personal favs...
  7. Mushrat, I've foun the AF cappucino has a somewhat chocolatey (sp?) flavor.  Very rich and creamy.  Gonna try to mix with a veerry little amount of mint...  we'll see how that goes.  Had good luck with AF orange + al waha vanilla.  Orange 50/50 bar!
  8. Should not need to restart.  BTW, friends don't let friends use IE.  "It's Evil".
  9. Anyone ever order from [url="http://www.syriangate.com/nargile.htm"]Syriangate.com[/url]? They have some interesting looking stuff, but the images a really tiny and/or poor quality.  Prices look good (shipping not withstanding).
  10. Hookahbros is apparently out of biz or restructuring... Socialsmoke is apparently going to be getting similar rotators shortly.  I have a 4 hose hookahbros cyclone,the big one, and it's been great.  Easy to clean, solid construction.  The only thing missing is autoseal, but since I usually smoke it myself or with my wife, we usually only use the one hose.  But, it's great to have multiple hoses when you have company. I have considered getting one of their bohemian hookahs with a case. I don't like transporting the cyclone - makes me nervous that it's going to have an unpleasant accident. I did replace the hoses - got 4 mya pleather hoses.  Very nice, and inexpensive when purchased direct from mya ($7 US each). 
  11. One point that might be worth making: If you're using a wind cover reduce the amount of coal by 25%-50%.  Otherwise, harsh and burnt. No bueno. OT, finally tried the AF Mint while playing backgammon with my wife dangling our legs in the pool.  Kinda like suckin' on a slightly sweet air conditioner .  Very fresh and smooth.  BTW, I got my ass kicked 3 games to zip.
  12. Sorry - shoulve said flip the cake and replace the foil and coal(s). 
  13. I also remember someone here saying that they would pull off the foil & coals, flip the cake, and replace for a fresh blast of flavor 
  14. I'd probably read it as well.  Hell, a lot of good articles could be gleaned by distilling the more popular threads in this format into a digest form, assuming its OK from a (I can't believe I'm saying this) copyright perspective.  The somewhat disjointed nature of forums in general can be a double edged sword when it comes to finding information, and it may make information easier to find for those uncomfortable with forums in general. Another thought to finance hosting or other expenses would be to solicit sponsorship from vendors.
  15. Thanks Cypress, great resource. Here's another source if any of the above are busy: [url="http://loudpipes.homeip.net/Hookah/Hookah.html"]How Cypress Loads A Hookah[/url] If you come up with any more gems like that I'd be glad to host them.
  16. WB... The foil discoloration may be just oxidation from the heat, but I must say I'm probably not qualified to make that call.  I seem to recall that happening when I was using foil.  But it didn't kill me either (well, not yet). Just from experience most metals seem to discolor somewhat with heat.  Another thing to check is how well lit are the 3 kings coals before you drop 'em on the foil? I resolved the problem by using the steel screens.  No more burnt ma'assell due to "foil sag", faster setup, etc.  Downside is takes longer to get lit sometimes. At any rate, I will take a close look at my screen tonight after I smoke a bowl...  In the name of research, of course
  17. I'm thinking options 1&2 Pipe tobacco is waaaaaaayyyy too harsh.  I did read something either on this forum or linked from this forum about using unflavored pipe tobacco, honey, and fruit to create your own ma'assell, but it took the guy a lot of experimentation to get the recipe right.  YMMV
  18. Wyteboy, Give the AF Orange, Grape, Cappucino and Cherry a try if you haven't already...  Pineapple and Cola were both not so bueno, each having an odd chemical taste. BTW, I too prefer the 3 kings - never had taste problems (unless I burned the ma'assell)
  19. [quote name='King Mo']One additional point, is to recommend for anyone interested in this thread to only buy 50g packs initially to get a feel for particular flavours.  [/quote] Failure to adhere to this rule would explain the glut of 250g jars in my cupboard In for a penny, in for a pound...
  20. oh, and it's gooooooooooooood! and smeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooth.  With just the weeist bit o'peat.  Ok. tons of peat.
  21. Pyramid: Ask and you shall receive:  uisce beatha literally, "the water of life" in gallic... I'm enjoying a wee dram as a type this! 
  22. Ok, I'm an Al Fakher bigot  here goes, in no particular order: 1) Grape 2) Orange (my personal fav) 3) Cappucino 4) Strawberry 5) Cherry + Cola 6) Vanilla (ok this is Al Wahahahahah... Fakher doesn't make vanilla. dammit.) + orange.  Can you say 50-50 bar? 7) Rose    &nbs p;  &nbs p; +--------  florals for the chicks.  You DID want to get laid, right? 8) Jasmine / 9) Apple 10) Banana Also, I've had pretty good luck w/ 3 kings 40mm, usually broken in half, as well as one of the metal screens.  Takes a bit longer to get going but overall less trouble than foil, mainly because they don't sag due to heat expansion when you place your coals on top.  I would like to find some sort of heat proof squishy/resilient gasket to place between the screen and the bowl, as well as a screen w/smaller holes.  I cheat on lighting coals with a torch lighter, though I may have to break down and get one of those creme brulee torches that Mathazar likes. Just my $.02 ( or $.000000000000000000002 after taxes - hmmmm, maybe my opinion isn't worth sh1t )
  23. Here's you photo resized.  Man that thing was huge.  Use the gimp to res-ze to 300x400. and tweaked w/ some special effects. And
  24. Cool, Tobbsman, Hopefully other retailers will look into this as well.
  25. Back on topic - what kind of service have you gotten from hookahook?  A lot of the stuff on their website sez "out of stock", and it has not changed in a couple of months or more.
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