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  1. I shall commence pouting.... right....  NOW.
  2. Any idea where I could order the hoses like the ones at tulumba.com (kuwati?)?  I've sent them a couple of e-mails about it and no reply. 
  3. I'm using triple-refined butane - bought from the same place I got the torch  Tried blowing it out with 100+ psi compressed air.  No dice.  May have to go pitch a fit, though what can ya expect for $6?  Thanks for the tip thought - it almost worked. I might have to go mathazar's route and get the BFT (big fscking torch)
  4. We have an ionic breeze quadra - seems to work well.  The metallic smell is the ionization and/or ozone working - it's a good thing.   Two smokers in the house and it keeps up with it ok.
  5. I have a 4 hose 35" hookah bros cyclone and love it.  We entertain a lot and having four hoses is pretty convienient when you have a bunch of people around.  Which model were you looking at?  The rotators look very similar to hookah bros stuff.  One thing mine lacks is autoseal.  Not a deal-breaker, but it would be a nice feature.  Seems to me at least one of the larger online retailers were going to be adding autoseal to their rotators, but I can't remember who
  6. Got a small problem - the butane pencil torch I got for lighting coals has clogged, and I'm not sure how to fix it - Any thoughts?
  7. [quote name='supachink'].... Another thing might be the coal is taking over the flavor...  [/quote] I've run into this before - the Japanese coals add way too much charcoal flavor, so I switched back to quick llighting coals.  Much better!  3 kings or goldens seem to be the more preferred brands.
  8. [quote name='supachink']<*snip*>... But this summer we were at my friends house and bured the carpet, so we cut some out of the corner of the closet and glued it in place and hope to god his mom doesnt even stare at the carpet too hard, i should try the brush sometime when i go back.[/quote] Probably only worth trying if it's just a surface burn...
  9. Good news - since the coal was only on the carpet for a couple of seconds, and with the cooler side down, we were able to take care of ithe carpet by brushing it with a stiff brush to get rid of the stiff (melted) fibers I think I'm gonna pick up a windscreen today to prevent this from happening in the future.
  10. Fsck, sh1t, s0n 0f b33ch. Pulled a little too hard on the hookah hose last night, and one of the coals flicked off the bowl and onto the carpet.  My wife was thrilled to say the least . The carpet looks okay except for stiffnes due to some surface melting.  Anyone have any tricks for recovering from such a gaff?  (note to self - too much single-malt scotch and hookah do NOT mix well).
  11. FWIW, I wonder if a somewhat larger footstool would be the hot ticket.  I haven't poked around yet, but if I find something interesting I'll post a link.
  12. I've been looking for large-handled hoses like the one pictured [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=671&PN=1"]here[/url].  Anyone know of a site that carrys them?
  13. Anyone know where to get hoses like this?  This is a 29" hookah.  The handle has got to be something like 18" long.  No one seems to carry hoses like this, and this [url="http://www.tulumba.com/icy_itemdesc.asp?ic=HO184480FE137"]web site[/url] doesn't sell them separately   They do sell a bunch of other cool stuff, though
  14. Baroque classical, old-school jazz, classic rock, celtic (see sig below) - that plus hookah equals a great way to mellow out after a stressful day at work.
  15. I'm running mozilla 1.7.3 (on fedora core 2 linux) at home and firefox 1.0 on win2k at work.  Even though I have autologin checked, it seems to have no effect.  Sounds like a cookie issue, but I have cookies set to stick around until they expire.  Any ideas?
  16. I had an idea, which I have not tried out yet for adding autoseal functionality - Finding a shisha-smoke compatible check valve to install on either the hose or hose port.  I've found a couple of sources for these ([url="http://www.poweraire.com/checkvalve/chkvlvinfo.htm"]industrial fittings suppliers or here), but wondering if there might be any specific materials to avoid.  Ideally, I would expect stainless steel to be the material of choice, but most of the valves I've seen are made of plastic.  Here's[/url] one of the units I found in SS. Any thoughts?
  17. Just got a box of these.  Seems to work well once lit.  But what's the best way to light them?  Been using 3 kings, and these are quite a bit different.
  18. Where the rubber meets the road (or the coal meets the foil ) is what the smoke/steam contains.  From what I can tell after smoking a bowl the tobacco is relatively unburned, at least when compared to a cigarette, cigar, or conventional pipe tobacco.  So, in the end, are we smoking molasses & fruit, and is it really smoke, or something closer to steam?  For example, even if hookah tobacco was stronger in terms of nicotine, etc, if its not burned, how much of this is actually released? Crap, it's late - I gotta go ta bed.
  19. It would nice to know what really happens on a chemical level when smoking hookah.  I found the following that might shed at least some light with respect to cigarettes and chemical content per cigarette - [url="http://www.erowid.org/plants/tobacco/tobacco_nic.shtml"]click here.[/url] What I'm not sure about is one would compare percentages (%.5) to mg/cigarette.  Perhaps given that a bowl of ma'assell is about 2 tbsp by volume (I'm guessing here), it's probably equal in volume to 1.5 cigarettes? Perhaps someone with better math skills than myself could find the common denominator here.
  20. Only if you're 8 inches tall (It's a fez in case that wasn't clear) BTW, I told my wife I ordered this.  She's sure I've lost my mind. I shared your reply with wy wife.  She's laughing so hard I think she's gonna pee. [quote name='HookaH4LIFE']is that one of those sex furniture pieces?[/quote]
  21. OK.  This is a bit over the top.  But I ordered one (my wife is gonna shoot me).  $12.99 US. I'll be the coolest idiot in the room [url="http://www.tulumba.com"][img]http://www.tulumba.com/mmTULUMBA/Images/PA545002LP678_250.jpg[/img][/url]
  22. I would agree with HeadCheese - unless you entertain a lot and those you do entertain enjoy hookah, get a single hose.  In some ways I kinda wish I did, but I do enjoy our 4 hoser - very nice when we have company.  When smoking alone or with my wife, we usually keep 3 ports plugged and just share one hose.  Otherwise, multiple hoses could be overkill. BTW, I would be curious to know - have any of you heard this comment before when introducing hookah to friends:  "I feel like I'm doing something bad, but I'm not!"  followed by giggling and peels of laughter . Cracked me up.  Must have been the familiar sound (smoke being pulled through bubbling water) from our youth, since we're all in our mid-40's to 50's.  They also cannot believe how smooth and tasty it is.  Pretty much the same properties that got me into it . Good luck with your search, keep poking around this forum.  It's a great resource, with lots of good info.
  23. Hi all, Very enjoyable forum.  I've learned lots, standing on the shoulders of giants, so to speak. My wife got me this as an early Christmas present a couple of weeks ago, and we're both thoroughly enjoying it.  We did remove the hose covers -just a little too foo-foo for us. I may never go back to cigars
  24. I sent them an e-mail - most of their links are broken, and they have not set the default document properly on their web server.  That's why you just get a blank page. Anyone know what they're using instead of tobacco in the Soex shisha?  It would be a bit naive to assume that just because its not tobacco its any better for you health-wise. I'm gonna stick with the real deal until I learn more.
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