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  1. Dude, If you don't already have a decent image program, or even if you do, take a look at [url="http://perso.wanadoo.fr/pierre.g/xnview/enhome.html"]xnview.  It's free, cross platform (windows, a bunch of unix platforms, linux, OS X), and very easy to use.  Also can perform batch operations on folders of images.  Supports gobs of different formats as well. For more advanced stuff (espcially if you don't have the $$ for photoshop), try the gimp for windows.  Also free.  Installers for Linux and other "real" operating systems can be found here[/url].
  2. FWIW I got my mya hoses direct from [url="http://www.myasaray.com"]mya[/url] - $7.00 us each plus shipping.
  3. I've not had the charcoal flavor issues that some have described here with the 3 kings coals.  The so-called japanese quick lites, however, just tasted nasty.  Lately I've been getting the 40mm 3 kings, and either breaking them in half or quarters prior to lighting.  They break fairly cleanly, unlike some of the other similar coals which seem to disintegrate sometimes when broken.
  4. [quote name='nidal105']Hi there, Has anyone tried the al-fakher capuccino flavor? whats it like? And is the fakher golden line different from the ordinary al fakher tobacco, has anyone noticed any difference? Thanks[/quote] Absolutely awesome stuff.  It's somewhat strong with respect to flavor, so clean your hose afterwards, or like Mathazar sez use separate hoses for stronger flavors like double apple, mint, etc.  It is somewhat chocolatey in flavor - since I haven't found chocolate ma'asell, this'll do fine.  Has anyone mixed the AF cappucino with mint, and with what results?
  5. [quote name='HookahCulture']Oh yeah here's something cool. This isn't totally proper for this place but it's GREAT. Bloody genius. Be sure you keep the top half in the frame, and hold down the right click and take, in the words of the Amboy Dukes, a JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE MIND. [url="http://www.eviltree.de/zoomquilt/zoom.htm"]http://www.eviltree.de/zoomquilt/zoom.htm[/url][/quote] Bloody amazing!
  6. It's also possible that we're dealing with a syrian bowl and egyptian stem. Wisdome: Does the bottom of you bowl look like _/ or /_ ?
  7. [quote name='MR Bubble']Typically, you have 2 different sized round coals out there. The smaller ones are like Golden, and (the old) 3 Kings (which are now called 3 queens and the new 3 kings are the bigger ones.) Confused? Well, anyway, if these coals you have are the larger type, I used to have great success breaking them into 1/4 pieces and using 3 of those quarter pieces on the foil. Worked great. MR Bubble[/quote] I too have had good luck (and smoke ) when breaking teh 40mm 3 kings into quarters.  I use a steel screen.  Got tired of dealing with foil sag when applying coals...  Take a bit longer to get going but works well.  I typically go through 3 40mm coals and the bowl lasts between 45min and 1.25 hours.
  8. Less coal, break into smaller pieces, etc. It may take a bit of experimenting.  Also be sure that there is no shisha sticking to your foil/screen.  That was my biggest problem when the smoke started geting harsh.  I had to learn to excercise restraint when packing the bowl and not load it so close to the top 
  9. What did the hookah-hookah folks say when you contacted them about this?  They'd be the first resource to try to get the problem resolved.
  10. Have a friend call you while you're in the room...
  11. Man that sounds soooo familiar I've got a bunch of new flavors (and some favorites - AF Orange and Grape) due to arrive today.  Found the cola a bit odd - do you have any recommended mixes (cherry+cola?) to use it in? 
  12. Simple fix (unless you're dying for a new stem) is to just get some rubber plugs.  That's what I do with my 4 hose rotator.  Works just fine.
  13. Anyone have any favorite flavor mixes?  I'm completely taken with AF orange, and my wife & I were thinkin' that mixing that with vanilla would be good (can you say 50/50 bar?).  Just ordered some vanilla and more orange so I'll let you all know how it goes. Other combas that sound good (without benefit of testing) would be strawberry-bananna, orange-pineapple-bananna, and chocolate-mint or cappucino mint.  Chase that with a nice port wine and some dark chocolate...  great googly-moogly BTW, anyone know of a good chocolate shisha?  gotta keep the wimin happy
  14. I too have considered getting one of their carrying case models, not the crystal (beautiful but too much $$$$), but probably one of the bohemian (Where the hell is "bohemia" anyway?  Kinda thinkin' it's a state of mind ) glass units.  My bride will probably shoot me if I do.  I'd be dead before I had a chance to try it.  She got me a 35" 4 hose hookah bros cyclone rotator for christmas, which smokes great.  I did replace the "Christopher Lowell" looking hookah bros hoses (or rather the hose covers) with mya saray washable hoses.  My wife is going to sew the covers into a chew toy for the dog (140lb great dane) 
  15. Lessee... I'm an IT manager  and SysAdmin, studied bassoon and sax in school as a music major until I realized it was too much work for too little reward. I'm a guitarist/bodhran player/flautist in a Celtic band (Catch us at Fitzgerald's in Vegas on St Pats - see the sig below).  I like to mess with open-source software at home and work (mostly linux), replacing that piece of sh1t windows crap whenever possible (Okay, when it makes sense to do so).  I'm a software communist and a fiscal republican Then some local "Dirty Hippies" turned me on to hookah and pretty much ruined me for cigars...
  16. Alen, I'm diabetic as well - have not noticed any change in BG levels before and after smoking my hookah, but:  It has greatly reduced my cravings for carbs and sweet stuff.  I'd rather smoke the hookah than eat something I shouldn't have in the first place (f*cking diabetes - I miss pasta).  How's that for positive spin doctoring? More on-topic, most people I've introduce to smoking hookah find they do get a bit of a buzz or high from it ("Hey man, I thought you said there was no dope in this...")
  17. WHAT?  You didn't take Ronfar to meet the parents too?  My god man, what were you thinking? 
  18. Found [url="http://tc.bmjjournals.com/cgi/eletters?lookup=by_date&days=90#267"]this[/url] an interesting, on-topic  read, hopefully it's not been posted already... Basically debunking an existing study - worth a read, at any rate...
  19. Thanks folks - seems to be working well with the run-water-through-it, then blow out with air compressor trick.   Nary a hint of cappucino afterwords.  Does anyone use detergent, or does that leave too much in the way of soapy taste?
  20. Can these be had in the us?  on-line?
  21. I just bought several hoses from [url="http://www.myasaray.com"]mya[/url], good buy at $7 US each.  Supposed to be washable.  My question is, what is the best way to wash them, and, more importantly, dry them? I don't want to be inhaling mold or anything nasty like that - seems like it could be the fast-track to a bad upper repiratory problem if not done correctly.
  22. That looks kinda like one of the hookahs I've seen on [url="http://www.hookahook.com"]hookahook.com[/url]. BTW, their stock seems to be way down.  Anyone ordered from them recently?
  23. That's tough - variety being the spice of life and all  I guess my personal fav is AF grape, with orange and cappucino coming in a close second. BTW, anyone know of a really good vanilla - I wanna mix it with the orange and see if it makes a 50-50 bar/creamsicle flavor
  24. I dunno.  Mayberry sounds kinda nice on some levels.  My family is from this tiny little hamlet in upstate NY, and it's like a Norman Rockwell painting.  If it wasn't for the winters and lack of work in my field, I'd probably move there in a heartbeat. Congrats on getting your life settled down.  That's always a beautiful thing.  I'm actually a little envious .
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