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    Decatur, GA
  2. PinkyMadison

    Hookah-Friendly Places In Atlanta

    This board looks pretty dead, so I hope someone actually comes and reads this! I was just curious about where some hookah-friendly places are, as far as bringing your own hookah and everything. Preferably things on the east side of Atlanta, but anywhere In the Greater Atlanta Area is fine. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! I tried a hookah at my boyfriend's birthday party in January and really liked it, but I just now bought my own one hose hookah from the Hookah Hook-Up in Little Five. I bought a few shots of fruity shisha after a friend recommended I start with something sweet like that. I haven't gotten the chance to smoke it yet because I am an RA in my dorm and can't smoke in the building. I know it's not illegal, but I can't smoke within a good distance of any building on campus, so I'm currently looking for places I can go to smoke in my area. I don't see myself smoking very regularly, but it was a good experience the first time I tried and I am looking forward to having a good smoke as a treat when I need it!
  4. PinkyMadison

    Good Shop Near Atlanta/Marietta

    I just bought my first hookah from the Hookah Hook-Up in Little 5 Points. It's a really nice store, very helpful people and it appeared to be a pretty great selection.