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  1. Ice Cold Water Versus Warm Water

    I use straight tap water. Your taste buds are more sensitive to flavors when they are warm. That's why warm soda is apparently sweeter than an ice cold drink. Cool vapor is nice, but it will usually less tasty and cool air drys the throat quicker.
  2. Daprofessors Lab

    [quote name='mustafabey' timestamp='1284217786' post='481916'] the bowl is outstanding,how does it smoke? How are the holes arranged? [/quote] The bowl is a glass Micro Funnel from Crown Hookahs. I got it after reading a review for it in Stu's bowl review thread. I've only smoked out of mod and vortex bowls before this. It's a phunnel design, but only holds a few pinches of shisha (10-15g). It smokes like a vortex, so I also assume that it smokes like a tangiers phunnel. I really like it because it uses so little shisha. It also throughly depletes the shisha, there is rarely any fresh looking wet shisha when I'm done (1.5-2hrs). I'll probably pick up a Crown Classic bowl in the future for bigger sessions.
  3. I was introduced to hookahs about 8 years ago and used to smoke a few times per month with friends. It was always awesome to gather around the hookah and talk. I finally decided to pick up my own. I'm a DIY type of person, so the HoboNargile seemed like the best platform for me. Here it is on a Kai vodka bottle: [img]http://i53.tinypic.com/2v9bqsy.jpg[/img] I'm also a big glass fan, so I had a glassblower turn out a hookah for me. Here's a sneak peek, still needs some finishing touches: [img]http://i53.tinypic.com/t979lc.jpg[/img] More randomness to come...
  4. I just picked up 2 micro funnels from crown hookah. One is a little mis-shaped, but I've emailed them to see if they'll correct it. The one that is perfect works great! I've been puffing on a single bowl of SB Chocolate Strawberry for 1.5 hours. It seems great for solo or duo sessions. Still need perfect on my foil setup though, sometimes the foil ends up blocking the center hole.
  5. Hawaii Smokers Hi

    Waipahu represent, but I'm rarely at home. Just got my hobonargile, so maybe a smoke sesh at a coffee shop or food place?
  6. Been smoking hookah for the past 8 years, but never owned my own. Grateful to all my friends out there who've let me bum off of them for years and introducing me to hookahs. Just received a HoboNargile for everyday use and travel. Smokes great. Also having a custom all glass hookah made for special occasions and solo sessions. I'll post pics when it comes in [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/_sheesha2__by_Majunka_aurore.gif[/img]