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  1. Rendezvous Cafe

    Rendezvous has changed a lot, they started reading forum posts like the one above and have fixed everything, brand new hookahs, a very friendly staff with a deep knowledge of hookahs, lower prices, and even more comfortable seating. I am originally from Lebanon and smoked hookah every day since I was 13 so I know when i see a good hookah bar. The guy that was mentioned above was forced to leave when the owner's son took over. He hired a brand new staff and bought all new hookahs. THE HOSES LOOK AWESOME! this is the best hookah I have had in the states. The rendezvous hookah bar had to change their name to Smoka Hookah Lounge when the smoking ban started. They use Black Snow 360 shisha and Deezeer charcoals. the cost per hookah is about $10. They have a hookah happy hour from 6-7pm mon-thurs buy 1 get 1 half off. they are located at 1108 South University ave. Ann Arbor 48104. here is their Facebook page [url="http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/smokahookah"]http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/smokahookah[/url] I love to sit up there and get arabic food from Oasis and smoke my apple hookah in an apple head with mint leaves in the base, Just like I do back home. and since the Flaming Shish in Saline closed down, This Hookah bar is the only place in ann arbor that you can smoke indoors. Since the new management, this place changed A LOT, This is My favorite hookah bar and I would Absolutely recommend it to anyone.