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  1. Ring Master Arain

    Favorite Tangiers Flavors?

    its sad to say. i have not smoke tangiers properly. i had snozzberry at a bar once. but nothing on my own yet.
  2. Ring Master Arain

    "Ground Zero" Mosque?

    the mosque is going to be 2 blocks away from ground zero in the finacial district. I don't see why this would be a problem. I am certain there are a lot of Muslims working there. pretty sure it is a perfect place to have a mosque. the only people that object this mosque are people that have no idea what the religion is really about. and believe anything they hear on the news and in the papers.
  3. Ring Master Arain

    Stunning New Facts!

    is there link to where u found this ridiculous segment. it's probably somewhere on utube I can check once I get to the crib.
  4. Ring Master Arain

    Must Have Brands.

    af sb tangiers fantasia. have those 4 with great bundle deals I'd be all over that store
  5. Ring Master Arain

    Have Fun With Your Smoke (A Hookah Video)

    they metal vortex holds alot more shisha than out medium phunnel. but yea maybe we should try 2 split and see what happens. and also no one passed out or got hurt. lol
  6. Ring Master Arain

    Have Fun With Your Smoke (A Hookah Video)

    na it actually smokes just like any other hookah. we pack the tobacco down alot and making sure it doesnt touch the foil cause when u heat it the flavor anyway and if its touching the foil already its going to burn up even faster. and we have the heat distribution down. it only gets really harsh after about 20min. and thats when we stop. and also this setup isnt the daily smoke =p u guys should try it sometime and see the smoke lol. and also no one else uses 4 coals. whats the avg people use. we us 4 quite often.
  7. Ring Master Arain

    Have Fun With Your Smoke (A Hookah Video)

    yea this session lasted only about 20min. we normally only use 3 coals.
  8. Ring Master Arain

    Beste Shisha'S

    watermelon-mint is a good one and also guava-peach.
  9. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pErW42hketc"]Have Fun WIth Your Smoke[/url] a video my roommate and i made a few months ago. had some pretty awesome smoke that day. enjoy it.
  10. Ring Master Arain

    On The Hunt For Some Peach

    only peach ive had is AF Peach it was pretty goddamn fantastic finished 250g in about 4 days. wont get it again for a while though.
  11. Ring Master Arain

    With Whom Do You Enjoy Smoking?

    every day or every other day i smoke a bowl or two with my roommate sometimes we have a friend or two over also. always good to have someone to smoke with just to talk about what flavor to do next. or to see who gets the biggest rings and smoke. and to talk about random shizz.
  12. Ring Master Arain

    Samah Lounge

    i had really good time at this place. we didn't make a reservation or anything and it seemed like we got the last couch seating area. they didnt say anything about reservations to us. This place is pretty big. with tons of lounge areas that can be closed for privacy and what not there were 4 of us 1 wasnt smoking. they had a lot of flavor choices we ended up getting i think citrus mist, snozberry, and one of there custom flavors captain planet. i think it was like 2 bucks for bottled water and cokes. not bad. the hookahs were better than any bar ive been to with decent smoke. not to much air flow so i could do awesome rings. if anyone ends up going there i definitely recommend captain planet its a mellow and sweat flavor nothing overpowering that would make you want to stop smoking it the waitress said it was like 4-5 different flavors mixed together don't remember the combination exactly.. i dont remeber the pricing since its been i while since ive been there. i should go back and find out. yea i know pretty shitty review. but i will update it once i go back there. the tap ended up being around 50bucks. 2nd post!
  13. Ring Master Arain

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    Westmont IL. in the loop weekdays for word and class.