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  1. What Do You Want To Drink?

    soo do you own this hookah bar?? just wonderin!
  2. What Do You Want To Drink?

    I would definitley love some fruit juice to match my hookah flavor! Yum! : )
  3. A Simple Idea, Save The Death Penalty!

    I must say that does sound like a very intelligent idea. I agree with the death penalty to an extent but i 100% agree with everyone being treated fairly. Whether they are rich or poor, if they have committed a crime worthy of the death sentence then they should all be allotted the same chances of survival.
  4. Hookah Freak?

    hey yall! i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about hookah freak? A friend of mine told me there tobacco was yummy and i want to try it out! does anyone know if they have a website or something? Let me know if you know anything! thanks! Rachel