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  1. withoutink

    Wtb: Glass Scali Mod

    Ok, so I first want to thank poncho very much for the offer. I would have taken you up on the offer, but... I have been emailing back and forth with Santino from Crown Hookahs and, based off our conversations he is going to start making his version of the scalli mod. They should be available in the next couple weeks. He will pop em up on the website when they are ready. [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/ylsuper.gif[/img] Since, I am going to buy a micro bowl from him, Ill wait for his.
  2. withoutink

    It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal

    [color=#333333][font=tahoma][size=2]Flavor: Tangiers ITLTOBC -- Lucid Cut: Standard Tangiers Hookah Setup: Mya QT, Nammor hose, HJ Alien Mini Phunnel, 1 Three Kings QL and 1 AF Coco Nat Duration: ~1 hr Foil Type: Crappy Walmart Brand Smoke: Clouds were very nice, lofty and full of smoky goodness Buzz: None, but still very relaxing Smell / Flavor: Awesome smell, lime and fruity goodness. I tasted fruity pebbles / fruit loops flavors. very nice taste, seemed to last the whole duration without fading. left a tiny bit of a sweet taste in my mouth after i finished. Rating: 9.5 - I liked this much better than the Spearmint Tangiers, could of been a tiny bit sweeter, it didn't seem as sweet as it smelled, but it was still awesome. smoked like a champ. This is only the second Tangiers I have tried and the third Shisha flavor I have tried.[/size][/font][/color]
  3. withoutink

    Wtb: Glass Scali Mod

    I know we can make the tealight mods really easily, but I would rather buy something more durable. Anyone have a Glass Scalli mod they are not using? This Hookah newbie would love to buy one... If you have one, let me know. Also, I can pay via MF... not sure why it changed the words i typed to mf. but i can pay via that payment gateway ebay used to own ;-) [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/2403.gif[/img]
  4. Well, I got both my orders today... Mya QT Mya Adapter w/Autoseal Nammor Hose Alien Bowl Romman Shisha x2 Tangiers Shisha x2 I set the hookah up, cleaned the Nammor, bowl and base with lemon juice and water. I let the Tangiers ITLTBC shisha aclimate for a couple hours. Soon as the wife gets home Im going to pack the mini alien and smoke it up. I can tell I need to buy better tongs, an oyster fork, one more Mya Adapter w/Autoseal and a small tangiers phunnel for my next order. Plus more coals... not certain which ones Ill buy. Maybe CH / AF or Startlight Nats.
  5. withoutink

    Wtb: Mini Phunnel

    Looking for a Tangiers Mini Phunnel in blue preferably, but Im open to other colors as well. I know these are hard to find these days, but someone might want to bless a newbie with one ;-)
  6. withoutink

    Hookah Forum Is Dying

    Hmm... I'd like to put my two cents in if I may. I started looking at hookah about a week or so ago. I never smoked one before, Im not even a smoker, but a couple friends smoke the hookah and expressed how relaxing it is. Not knowing anything about the subject I set out to learn a bit and see if this was something I might enjoy. Before my friend told me I could borrow his hobohookah for a week or so, I started doing some research into the subject. Remember, I am a total newbie... or at least I was a week ago. I found a few forums and vendor sites, I started poking around and finding things that looked interesting. I ended up choosing this forum to start most of my research. I read almost every review under the hookah section, or at least skimmed through. I knew I wanted a small hookah, so I bypassed many of the KM KZ Egyptian etc hookahs, and started focusing on the smaller ones. I ended up reading all the way back to the Smiley $15 Hookah review (which is like one of the first hookah reviews posted here). I figured out all on my own that I liked the price and look of that hookah, as well as the MYA QT. So, then I started a thread "Recommend a First Hookah and Supplies" (http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/39090-recommend-a-first-hookah-and-supplies/). I think for a newbie I asked some decent questions in that thread. To which I was always replied to in a very nice and favorable fashion. I continued reading reviews, on shisha, coals, hoses and other assorted hookah supplies. Then I would add a question to the thread where maybe I was confused or just plain old had a headache from reading too many opinions. By last friday I had garnered enough knowledge to place a couple orders for hookah supplies. Blue Mya QT, Blue Nammor, Mya Autoseal valve, Alien Bowl, Tangiers and a couple other odds and ends. I feel very comfortable with the purchase, and cant wait to receive the packages. I talked to various people here in chat and via pm, and everyone has been awesome. A local guy even suggested some places I could check hookah supplies out nearby. I feel pretty welcome here. While the new post counts here don't look to be as active as other forums I belong / belonged to. It still seems like a bunch of great people. The mods seem to be doing a great job of keeping this place clean from NHT stuff, and plain-old-aholes. So kudos to them. I know very well how hard that can be... Personally, I also have a unique perspective to forums... I have run forums before. I own friendsoffoamy.com and we used to have a rather large following of posters to the forum, now its pretty much dead. We have a few active people and some very attentive mods. But sadly, I don't even make it there but a few times a year. I leave it up there for the newbs who what to chat. I push about 1.5TB of data a month still out of that site, so I will continue to keep it up and kicking till that number dwindles. Its not always easy keeping everyones attention and making people happy. I can attest to the fact our user-ship was the best when we ran contests and were constantly active. We used to have about 300K- 500K unique visitors a month. But that steam ran out when I adopted my son. I also run the corporate forum where I work, its a large intranet for 1500+ store locations (I work for a large franchise system) and it's just hard to keep everyone happy. Specially when they pay us 6% royalties each month ;-) So, to draw this reply out even longer... You guys are doing great, everyone has been nice to me. I was concerned about posting at first as I know many other forums that despise newbs My questions never went unanswered, and no one made me feel like a stupid phuck. Now, I have much more understanding of hookah than my friend, who has been smoking in for a number of years. I understand a lot of the little details that most people don't think of. I probably could hold a nice conversation with a fellow hookah aficionado. While I have still lots to learn, I have an amazing amount of understanding -- considering I've only been going at this for ~1 week. I have been to two other forums which I have joined as well. One seems a little awkward, im not sure what to make of it. Lots of reviews. But I don't understand where to post, and I still havent had my acct approved by a mod, so I cant even post. The other seems like an equally informative forum (as this one), but they do seem to want people to post like whores. I come here a number of times a day, and I enjoy reading and sucking up some knowledge from others. So, it is a bummer when I see only a few replies and not a lot of new stuff. But hey thats the way it goes. I also understand the cyclical behavior of forums. So, Im certain things will pick up. Anyway, just my two cents from someone that has been helped by the wisdom of others here. Thanks to everyone for their replies, and continued support of my new hobby/addiction.
  7. withoutink

    Lorann Oils

    Added cream de menthe to tangiers spearmint... It turned out awesome. Great mix of mints.
  8. withoutink

    So You Have Fun On Your Birthday Withoutink?

    thanks! had a great time, smoked three chickens for ~ 6 hours they turned out awesome. had some family over... didn't discuss hookah with them, they just wouldn't understand ;-) played a shit ton of wii with the family, funny, very funny! ate some killer cake and other assorted goodies. smoked the crap out of a tangiers bowl. still working out the heat management though ;-) All in all an A+ day thx again!
  9. withoutink

    Lorann Oils

    They are food grade flavor extracts to make candy. I just popped some coconut into the water with spearmint tangiers. Didn't make much diff but I only added 5 drops. I can smell it a bit. But can't really see much difference in taste. But coconut is a light flavor compared to some of the others.
  10. I was looking in my pantry this morning, and found my LorAnn Oils I used to use when we made candies. I found.... Cherry Orange Maple Butter Rum Cinnamon Creme De Menthe Coconut Peppermint Grape Butterscotch Also a bottle of citric acid It got me thinking, Im not ready to start making my own Shisha yet... But why not add a couple drops to the hookah water? Its highly concentrated stuff, and I bet it would enhance the flavor of the smoke a bit. Similar to using wine, cola, juices etc... I Only have a few flavored shishas at the moment (grape, strawberry, double apple, spearmint) so Ill have to figure a good combo that might go well with each other. Cherry/Strawberry, Grape/Grape, Coconut/mint, Cinnamon/Apple, spearmint/peppermint... Anyone ever try using this type of flavoring in their hookah water before?
  11. withoutink

    Tangiers Issue...

    thanks, ill give that a shot tonight.
  12. Ok so today is my birthday. I figured pack a nice phunnel of tangiers and chill outside hor a bit. This is the second time smoking tangiers spearmint. Actually the second time I have ever smoked tangiers. I'm still using my buddies HoboHookah and phunnel. Well, this stuff keeps hitting the back of my throat and makes me cough. What the heck am I doing wrong. I have two af coco nats on the outer edge of the bowl opposite sides. I've been rotating them around a bit. Still this stuff seems pretty harsh. I'm not certain if this is lucid or reg. WTF am I doing wrong. As most of you know I've only started exploring hookah this week. So total newb still. My al waha doesn't seem to cause this, so I'm thinking I gotta be doing something wrong with the tangiers. Help! ;-)
  13. wanted to swing by and wish you a haMFy birthday man.

  14. Its the total newb thread ! Yes, thanks again for all the help =)
  15. withoutink

    New Mobile Version

    works great on my iphone 4