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  1. The Greek

    Tangiers Pico Bowl...

    I packed it like normal tangiers. Pack it tight and up to the top. I probably could have added ,more which i will do next time. I started with two CH QL flat and as time went on i started to Stonehenge them. I was using tang birquoq.
  2. The Greek

    Tangiers Pico Bowl...

    I gave in and ordered a purple pico bowl from 5 star and it came yesterday. If anyone would like pictures i would be glad to share. One thing that caught me off guard was that it produces a lot less smoke. I expected it to be small, but this thing is tiny. I figured that maybe since it is so small and uses only a pinch of tobacco that maybe that is the reason for less smoke?
  3. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Trade completed! Please close.
  4. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Still 85 plus shipping but includes a full box of CH quicklites (108) and some other fun freebies!!
  5. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Someoneee, please buy this!
  6. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Still available! If you're interested shoot me an offer
  7. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Alright, yea just hit me up whenever.
  8. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Really am trying to sell this fast. Price lowered to $85 plus shipping! You get an almost brand new $130 hookah plus two great hoses plus a large case plus wind cover plus two bowls plus some strawberry shisha. Hit me up with an offer!
  9. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Nobody is even semi interested?!?
  10. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    Also: Buyers pay shipping
  11. The Greek

    Fs: Mya Montopolis

    [attachment=5708:rsz_imag0729.jpg] Bought this from Stuie a few months back and havent been able to use it much. I keep it in good condition. Comes with the base, stem, a small tangiers phunnel, red KM hose, Blue small namour hose, blue vortex, and 4 hose adapters. plus a standard silver wind cover. No tray included Looking for $100 plus shipping but send me an offer.
  12. The Greek

    Wtb Mya Pyramid Base

    Looking for a Mya pyramid base
  13. The Greek

    Mya Downstem Problem

    Hah, fixed it with plyers and superglue. thanks for the suggestion
  14. So i recently bought the mya montopolis used from stuie and used it once. Right after i used it i tried to unscrew the downstem for storage and i noticed that each time i tried unscrewing it, it would just spin without actually coming out so i finally gave up. Today i tried again to get the downstem out and after messing with it, the downstem came out. except the screw part is still in the stem. So basically i have a bare downstem and the screw part that used to be on top of it is still stuck in the stem. Anybody have this problem or any advice?
  15. The Greek


    Bought a Mya from stuie, good price and threw in a nice hose. Thanks again man