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  1. joanna

    Hookah Base Mixes

    Add a little bit of grenadine syrup to the water while smoking grenadine Al Fakher. It tasted sooooo sweet.
  2. That's cool. My girlfriend is actually in Bloomington right now visiting her dad.

  3. Bloomington. I'm a student at IU.

  4. Indiana, eh? Where exactly?

  5. Last night I had a really horrible hookah experience. I had just bought two boxes of AF, strawberry and plum, both of which I've had before and liked. I also bought a new box of CCN coals. I tried the strawberry first, and it seriously tasted like dirt. I figured it was just the shisha, so I switched to the plum, and it had the same taste. Is it possible to get a bad batch of coals? Or is there something wrong with my hookah? This has never happened before. I have a tall egyptian hookah and was using a vortex bowl.
  6. [quote name='Jon Bon' timestamp='1293554833' post='492673'] Is there a reason that you're going to ebay besides the supposed cheaper prices? Hookahset (hookah retailer) has it for $55 shipped but in brown: [url="http://www.hookahset.com/Product_768.html"]http://www.hookahset...roduct_768.html[/url] Oh, and dirtcheaphookahs is a reputable seller. I actually talked to them on the phone yesterday [/quote] It's just the prices we're going for - I think I got lucky in finding dirtcheaphookahs, though. And I'll check out the brown one. Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone! We have just contacted the seller. It says on his page that he doesn't accept returns, so we're hoping that he'll take this back since it was a false reporting. We also reported him to ebay, so hopefully that will sway him to give us our money back! We are definitely looking to buy a new Mya, and just found a really nice-looking one on ebay, but I want to get your feedback BEFORE we buy it this time! The hose is definitely a Mya, and the bowl looks like one. It also has the same patterns as one that is on Mya's website now, although this exact one isn't on their website now. Please tell me this is a real one!! (link below) [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/Mya-Econo-Black-Diablo-24-inch-Hookah-/220704135831?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco)=item3362fdda97#ht_500wt_1156"]Mya Econo Black Diablo 24 inch[/url]
  8. [img]http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/1189/rainbowl.png[/img] Sorry, here's the picture.
  9. My girlfriend just bought this hookah on ebay. It's listed as a "Rainbow Crystal Mya Hookah." First of all, it's DEFINITELY not crystal. Second, I'm almost 100% positive it's not a Mya. There is no Mya stamp anywhere , the metal quality seems pretty shitty...the whole thing just looks cheap. I just want to make sure I wasn't expecting too much, and this is what a normal Mya looks like. Any chance that it's real?
  10. Thanks, ladies! I've always been afraid to add more coals in case it burns. I guess I've been too careful...
  11. I've switched to Nakhla and Tangiers recently, but I have a lot of leftover Fantasia that I would like to use since I'm poor and can't afford shisha that often. The problem is that I'm having a really hard time getting any smoke out of it. I know the clouds might never be as good as Nakhla or Tangiers, but what I'm getting is close to nothing. I'm using a small phunnel, and I usually start with 2 halves of coco naras. Thanks for all of your help!
  12. joanna

    Naming Your Hookah

    My girlfriend and I named ours Joanna, after one of our favorite musicians, Joanna Newsom. It's elegant and beautiful, just like her!
  13. joanna

    Hookah At College

    I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to smoke in the dorms at any campus. But it can be done. You pretty much have to use quick lights, which is fine. I would always light them by a window, and one the sparks started flying, I would just keep blowing the smoke out the window (perhaps a fan would have been a good alternative). After that, it really doesn't give up much smoke, so it's hard to set off the smoke detectors with a hookah. I found that smoking outside is really annoying, because, as people said, EVERYBODY will come sit with you and expect you to share. Even if you are doing homework and you look busy, people don't care. All they want is to mooch off of the person with the hookah. So I suggest smoking inside if you find it possible.
  14. joanna

    Small Phunnel Bowl

    Everything worked out pretty well this time! I used 2 coconaras cut in half, and it was a little strong, so I cut it down to one. The sad part is that I didn't feel like smoking any longer (nakhla hits me a bit strong, and sometimes I have to stop early), so I didn't find out how much it could have gone past an hour. But only the top layer of tobacco was burnt, and the bottom was still pretty juicy, so I saved it. Thanks for all the advice everyone!
  15. joanna

    Small Phunnel Bowl

    I checked out that thread, and I'm trying all your pointers as I type this. It's been going about 45 minutes, and it still tastes ok. I'm wondering - is it ok that the tobacco touches the foil? Will this make all the tobacco burn, or just the top layer?