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  1. HookahJosh

    Mya Saray Qt

    Here's my review of the Mya QT: Mya Saray is know for their exceptionally well built hookahs, and the QT is no exception. Standing at 14 inches tall, the QT smokes better than a lot of the taller hookahs, providing smooth pulls of smoke, and ease of use. Many hookah smokers are looking for something portable and reliable, and the QT provides just that. The hookah is built like a tank, and pulls smoke better than many of the larger more expensive hookahs, so this is perfect for beginners or regular users looking for a quality hookah at low cost. The base of the QT is crown shaped, coming in a variety of colors such as green, blue, red, orange, gray, and even pink. The shape of the base allows for easy cleaning and access, and supports the hookah very well. Unlike most hookahs, the base grommet is on the base instead of the stem. The seal around the base is ribbed and allows for a very strong connection between the base and the stem. [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-184-mya-qt-1-hose-hookah.html?idaffiliate=827"][img]http://www.hookahreviews.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/myaqtbases.png[/img][/url] The stem on the QT is very durable and feels very solid. The stem can be tough to clean without cleaning brushes due to it's shape and size, but many have no issues properly cleaning the stem between uses. The ash catcher tray on the QT is quite small, and is held in place by the bowl grommet, and does not snap on, which is the main complaint of many owners. Due to the size of the try you must be careful not to knock the coal off the top of the bowl, because most likely it will not catch the coal, but it does work well for catching ash. The hose that is included with the QT is 72″ in length, and is washable, which is a huge plus since many hoses are not washable. The hose is very durable and very flexible, allowing for ease of use during your smoking session and should easily last the life of your hookah. The bowl included with the QT is a standard ceramic bowl. Depending on the retailer you purchase it from, it will either come with a matching colored bowl, or a standard black or brown bowl, it varies from store to store. Overall the Mya Saray QT hookah is one of the most portable and durable hookahs around, and it's low cost and ease of use makes it perfect for anyone looking to purchase a new hookah.
  2. HookahJosh

    Two Apple (Double Apple)

    My Review of Nakhla Double Apple Nakhla is one of the oldest and most experienced tobacco manufacturers in the world, and the Double Apple flavor is a staple shisha amont many hookah smokers. [b]Shisha Cut:[/b] Medium cut, some stems, very sticky. [b]Flavor:[/b] The shisha smells like fresh apples, with a hint of anise. The flavor of the shisha is both sweet and sour. The flavor is constant throughout the entire session, the anise flavor builds and can be overwhelming towards the end of the bowl. [b]Smoke:[/b] The smoke is thick and robust, similar to other Nakhla flavors. [b]Buzz:[/b] Since the Nakhla Double Apple is unwashed, it provides a strong and relaxing buzz. [b]Duration:[/b] 25 to 30 minutes on average. Overall the Nakhla Double Apple shisha provides a great mix of sweet and sour flavor, and the anise is not as strong as in other flavors, so it provides a great smoking session
  3. HookahJosh


    Al Fakher Grape is one of the most popular shisha flavors, it provides a great taste and long smoking sessions. The flavor is consistent and very smooth. [b]Shisha Cut: [/b]Medium cut, very wet and juicy, moderate amount of stems. [b]Flavor:[/b] The smell out of the box is almost exactly like fresh grapes. The taste is consistent and lasts throughout your entire smoking session. Provides a very rich grape flavor, and the smoke gives off a similar smell, reminds me of grape juice or grape jelly. [b]Buzz: [/b]The buzz is slight, but very relaxing due to it’s duration. [b]Duration: [/b]The bowl typically lasts about an hour, sometimes longer. Overall the Al Fakher Grape is the go-to shisha for those looking for a great grape flavor that is consistent year round, it provides a smooth and relaxing smoking session.
  4. HookahJosh

    White Peach

    Starbuzz White Peach Review: Starbuzz is known for their high quality tobacco and exotic flavors, and if you enjoy the taste of fresh peaches throughout your entire smoking session then Starbuzz Exotic White Peach shisha is a great choice. [b]Shisha Cut:[/b] Very Moist & Medium Cut – Very Few Stems. [b]Flavor:[/b] The taste of the shisha is almost exactly how it smells out of the tin, almost as if you just bit into a fresh peach. You can taste the peach flavor throughout the entire session, and the strength of the flavor was not overwhelming. [b]Smoke:[/b] Thick and smooth, you can easily blow large clouds with this shisha. [b]Buzz:[/b] The buzz is minimal, but very relaxing. Typical of most Starbuzz flavors. [b]Duration:[/b] A typical bowl lasts about 45-60 minutes. Overall the Starbuzz White Peach has a great flavor, smooth smoke, and is perfect for when you’re looking to relax.
  5. HookahJosh

    Blue Mist

    Here's my review One of the most popular flavors on the market, Starbuzz Blue Mist is provides a cooling effect when smoked, and has the taste of fresh blueberries. [b]Shisha Cut:[/b] Fine/Medium Cut, Moderate Stems. [b]Flavor:[/b] The smell out of the tin is mouthwatering. The taste is a mix of mint and fresh blueberries, providing a nice cooling effect when smoked. The taste is consistent throughout the entire bowl. [b]Smoke:[/b] Very thick smoke, typical of most Starbuzz flavors. [b]Buzz:[/b] The buzz is minimal, but very relaxing. [b]Duration:[/b] The bowl typically lasts 30-45 minutes. Overall the Starbuzz Blue Mist shisha is great for someone looking for a popular and consistent flavor with a nice cooling effect.
  6. HookahJosh


    Al Fakher Mint is the staple mint shisha of many hookah smokers due to it’s ability to be mixed with other flavors to provide a soothing effect and cosistent flavor. [b]Shisha Cut:[/b] Fine to medium cut with few stems, moderate moisture and red in color. [b]Flavor: [/b]Right out of the jar you can small the mint flavor, the taste is very mellow and not overpowering. [b]Smoke: [/b]The smoke was very thick and refreshing, and provides a nice cooling effect. [b]Buzz: [/b]The buzz was mild but very relaxing and refreshing. [b]Duration: [/b]The bowl lasted about almost two hours with one person smoking, and just about an hour with two people. Overall the Al Fakher Mint shisha is the best mint shisha on the market due to it’s ability to be mixed with other flavors or smoked independantly.
  7. HookahJosh

    Your Favorite

    Mya QT with Coco Naras with some Tangiers or Starbuzz.
  8. HookahJosh

    Weight Loss

    I have had a lot of success changing my lifestyle and diet, that's made the most difference even if I am not hitting the gym. I was a bit overweight in December, around 210 at 6' tall. I am now down to 185, my lifts have gone way up and I am leaning out, getting in shape for my wedding in two months! I just make sure to get around 1g of protein per pound of LBM, and get the rest from carbs/fats, I make sure to eat 750 calorie deficit daily, so around 1800 usually. Diet is 90% of the weight/fat loss.
  9. Enjoying some AF Grape/Mint

  10. HookahJosh

    Hookah Scene In Omaha

    I have been to the one in Lincoln before, I visit Omaha/Lincoln often since I was born there and have family. [url="http://www.hookahreviews.net/nebraska-hookah-lounges/"]http://www.hookahreviews.net/nebraska-hookah-lounges/[/url] [b]Sultana’s Kahve [/b] 2328 North 48th Street Lincoln Nebraska 68504
  11. My QT smokes better than my KM tri-metal, wasn't worth the $150 I spent on it. I gotta admint, it looks nice, but smokes average.
  12. I would recommend the [url=http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-1574-nammor-hookah-hoses.html?idaffiliate=827]Nammor[/url] hose as well, I use it daily with my QT. Here's my review of the hose: [url="http://www.hookahreviews.net/accessories/nammor-hose/"]http://www.hookahreviews.net/accessories/nammor-hose/[/url]
  13. HookahJosh

    Arizona Smokers Az

    North phoenix here, anyone checked out Xhale lounge yet? I live right down the street from it, but haven't been yet. I am in the market for a used hookah, something affordable, maybe a QT?