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  1. fewwdragon

    Do These Exist

    Hate to rain on ur parade but soex is not shisha in the common sense they are just herbal alternatives. No such thing as a hookah cig. Cause hookah by nature u bake and cigs you burn. There are flavored cigs and flavored tobacco. And even mini hookahs (which i wouldn't smoke). But no shisha cig.
  2. fewwdragon

    Got A Wii!

    A girl up here died holding her wee to get a wii... mostly sad a tiny bit funny. So if people are dieing over them they must be good
  3. fewwdragon

    Whats Up People

    isn't that just what happens in ca lol
  4. fewwdragon

    Whats Up People

    How has everyone been i've been gone for awhile. haven't smoked in a while. So i am sad... My hookah is still Missing and i'm broke. So some give me some good news. :-D Any crazy news. well later.
  5. fewwdragon

    Hookah Bliss Part 1

    great going mushy... i will probally be in next time i visit my mom in greensboro
  6. fewwdragon

    Hookah Documentary

    newsman, need anything i'm down.
  7. fewwdragon

    Dead Bowls?

    after awhile you can just taste it. If i do decide to keep sominkg whats left i stir up and put another coal on it .
  8. fewwdragon

    Happy Birthday

    yep happy b day
  9. fewwdragon

    Real Women Love Hookah!

    QUOTE (hookahNut @ Mar 16 2007, 02:07 PM) There is just something special about a women that loves hookah. Although I have found them few and far between it seems more like it than I origionally expected. Has anybody else felt this way at all? +1
  10. fewwdragon

    My First Flavor To Smoke

    I smoke guava with my girl the other day it's one of my favorite flavors now so.... i vote guava. But for your frist smoke do something fruity steer clear of like rose at first/
  11. fewwdragon

    Marriage + New Hookah

    fun stuff... Congrats... You forgot photon torpedos.
  12. fewwdragon

    Happy 21st Erica!

    I know it's alittle late but happy birthday. I don't want to be awork either
  13. Your doing good... suggestion though. Ice in the base works miracles. QUOTE -fill up water 1 inch above the thing that sticks in (lol) called a stem my friend. phunnel mod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRCenqmHvbo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7qq2lktk9s...ser&search= Good luck
  14. fewwdragon

    Hookah In The Movie 300!

    just got back from 300 and ... wow... very frank miller... but i missed the hookah gasp... to many pretty girls... (hope my g/f doesn't get mad about that remark)
  15. fewwdragon

    I Think Somethings Wrong

    another suggestion is make sure ur not packing your bowls to tight it's a very easy mistake.