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  1. hopefully soon, im working on and trying my best

  2. ah ok fancy fancy haha, sorry to creep on ya just noticed the status and was wondering the deets.

  3. nahh i'm actually pretty good at repairing them so i was wondering if anybody had one that they wanted to get rid of/ sell so i could fix it up and maybe resell it or keep it in my collection.

  4. your hookah break?

  5. does anybody have any broken hookahs they want to get rid of? let me know.

    1. kvtaco17


      I have one i could unload!

  6. i live righttt by uwmilwaukee.

  7. when will the site be up again?

  8. i tried! for some reason its being exxxtraa lame when i try to upload pictures.

  9. haha yeahhh i've added like every person i've seen.

  10. your about me made me laugh. where is that from?

  11. i loveeee that drawing.

  12. True Or False?

    [quote name='agunn1231' date='26 July 2010 - 09:51 PM' timestamp='1280202689' post='476477'] True, at a concert a few years back T/F Butter Braids are tasty [/quote] false. you've had a conversation with a hobo.
  13. How Did You Get Your Username?

    its what my dads been calling me since i was little.
  14. haha no kidding, i couldn't tell at all looking above? anyways welcome to the forum

  15. Hehe yeah it's a nice one :) . And it wasn't too expensive either ^^ . You should upload some images in the gallery!