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  1. Made it to New York!

    1. Arcane


      glad you arrived safe.
    2. Chreees


      So now you will TC with us?
    3. Moovey


      As often I can, Chreeeeees.
  2. So I'm back again... And moving to New York.

    1. Chreees


      WOOO! Missed you bro.
    2. jorlyfish


      NYC? Good to see you back, d00d.
    3. Moovey


      Mid-state. Just north of Cortland, NY
  3. New York Smokers Ny

    I'll be moving to Cortland, NY, from Alaska, on Wednesday. Boom.
  4. Sleeping With Music On?

    I've never tried the White noise thing... New things to try.
  5. Who's Got The Filthiest Beat To Post?

  6. Hey there everyone! I have a question for you. Do any of you sleep with music on, whether loud or low? I do, and I enjoy putting the Crisis Core: FF VII soundtrack on. Just randomly had this thought and wondered how many actually do this.
  7. Tallest Hookah

    They actually have a Sultan at the headshop here for about $495.00. Haha
  8. What is this? I don't even...
  9. And then Chris drops in and says, "It's because it's not Tang! That's why it tastes bad!"
  10. Yeah, it was interesting. They're selling it for like... $95.00 though. Eff that noise!
  11. Seen this at the local head shop the other day... ????? Anyone ever seen or used one?[attachment=5521:0621011614.jpg]
  12. Bringing Troops Home...

    [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1308848582' post='513462'] And what does POTUS mean? I see you're a fan of acronyms, but let me tell you this- half the time no one knows what you're talking about due to them. [/quote] Lol @ this.
  13. Thoughts

    [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1308512248' post='513123'] Thank you for posting this. [/quote]
  14. Broken Valve

    Accept my look of awe... That would be a hard thing to break.