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  1. Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same about the SH-style. Would provide much heat to a very isolated spot, and not much to the rest... I decided to split the CH coals in half. Will start the session in ten minutes or so, crossing my fingers for a good smoke.
  2. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1301852548' post='504007'] Voted Bachelor's degree for now. Will be starting my master's in September though. [/quote] This. Will be starting my Mphil in Political Science this august, and probably squeeze an MA in Chinese Studies in before finishing it.
  3. A couple of years ago (probably four years of so) I smoked Tangiers without any problems. Watermelon and Kashmir Peach became instant favorites of mine. But, for reasons I never understood, after I had finished the tobacco I had and ordered some new, I never got it right again. Or, K-peach would somethimes work well. Watermelon was out of the question. The problem was the usual suspect - the acclimation. Since then I've occasionally given it another shot, usually with disappointing results. A years or so ago I read a post by Eric (can't seem to find it anymore) that listed the different flavors by ease/difficult of acclimation. Melon blend was one of the flavors listed as easily acclimated, so I gave that a shot. Unfortunately, the results were not very good. Not that this came as a total surprise, it never really smelled "right". Fast forward to this June. I took out the old L&L-box of melon blend, and gave acclimation a new shot (along with K-peach). I have been acclimating it just about every day for the last couple of weeks, for the first week or so using the "4/20-approach", then later on for most part of the day. It now smells very, very good (K-peach, unfortunately, does not smell right at all). Not a hint of soy sause or "burnt" smell, just delicious melon. So I'm thinking about giving it another shot, probably later on today. However, I don't have optimal coals. Sadly I got rid of my lower heat coals (exotica, golden canary) some time ago, since I had cheaper and better suited coals for my hookah needs (I pretty much smoke Nakhla exclusively these days). What I have is Cocobricos and CH naturals. Both of these burn pretty hot. Cocobricos probably a bit more. Cocobricos are my favorites because of longevity, amount of ash and price. But I'm thinking the CH naturals might suit Tangiers a bit better (although, as said, they are by no means optimal because of the heat they pack). What I was thinking is to try what "TheyCallMeDave" did in [url=http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/42871-smoking-noir-and-lucid-together/page__p__514941__hl__%2Bcoals+%2Bfor+%2Btangiers__fromsearch__1#entry514941]this[/url] thread on the noir side of the bowl he packed. That is to use the stone henge style seen in this picture: [img]http://i56.tinypic.com/29njar5.jpg[/img] Only I would do this on both sides. Can someone confirm that this is - heat wise - better than the normal coal position, for Tangiers? Also, I'm thinking of using my medium sized Tangiers phunnel. Bigger phunnels is generally considered better for Tangiers (as long as one packs it tight, of course), right? Thanks in advance. Hoping this will give me a good result, my old (feeling ancient) experiences with Tangiers was really, really good. I'm blaming the acclimation problems that followed on the Norwegian air climate.
  4. "Restriction of the hookah based on phony scientific "evidence" is another move against the middle east." That's a conspiracy theory it's hard to take seriously. Even if you believe politicians really care enough about the microscopical market share of hookah to risk being exposed for paying for lies, this study says nothing too controversial about the subject matter. And it [i]in no way[/i] argues that cigarettes (or any other kind of US made tobacco) is a good alternative to shisha. Quite contrary to your claims, Swedish snus is often mentioned as a "healthier" alternative to cigarettes. I guess there's a high level conspiracy going on to make Sweden the new global hegemon or something.
  5. [quote name='Plex' timestamp='1307809286' post='512346'] "CONCLUSION: This study shows that <insert here> causes acute biologic changes that might result in marked health problems. It adds to the growing evidence that <insert here> is harmful and supports interventions to control the continuing global spread of <insert here>, especially among youth." Try words like 'candy', 'junk food', 'soft drinks', 'fluoride', 'pesticides', 'mercury', 'artificial sweeteners', 'camp fires', many kinds of 'medicine', 'cell phones', 'vaccines', etc, etc... [/quote] Yeah, but how does that change anything? If your objection is that this really isn't news, then I agree. If not, I'm having a hard time seeing what you're criticizing here. Conclusions are usually pretty general. Read the main text if you're looking for [i]numbers[/i] and such.
  6. I don't see anything "wrong" with this study (and it doesn't seem all that biased either, but I haven't read it through, so ...). Hookah being harmful isn't really news (and it's not like this study goes for the "WORSE THAN A MILLION CIGARETTES" kind of portrayal). As far as I can see this study only talks about very short term effects of hookah smoking. Personally I'd really like to see some work on the long term effects (for everyday smokers), but hookah being as new as it is in the west it's not really surprising that there's a lack of material on this. Oh well. I'm a weekly smoker, so I don't really worry.
  7. Yeah, Cocobricos is the only coal I order anymore. Probably because I smoke Nakhla 90% of the time, which can handle the heat these give. The duration is simply outstanding. I tried the Japanese coals that were mentioned in this thread some years ago, and my experience was that they packed the perfect heat for Tangiers, but that they would [u]very[/u] easily break and lasted only for a good half hour. Are they more sturdy these days, or do people just not move them? I'm thinking about getting some lower heat coals and try out some Tangiers again ...
  8. Same as the majority of posters here. If anyone asks me I won't deny it or try to justify it, but it's not information I share with people I don't know very well. Hookahs are still very alien in Norway, and I highly doubt that a lot of people from generations older than mine has any idea what it is. The looks of the hookah and the power of association would probably necessitate a long defense speech from me, and I find that too much of a hassle to go through very often.
  9. Heh, that's probably true. I was a bit skeptic about the Mizo-line when that was announced, but that turned out to be great. Probably the same with these.
  10. None of the flavors OP posted interest me, tbh I kinda get a "Starbuzz"-vibe from them. Still excited to read reviews of them, though. Blueberry, on the other hand. Would buy that in a heartbeat.
  11. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1301673685' post='503779'] Nak DA is easily the most overrated flavor ever created. [/quote] Either that, or, you know, flavor is a subjective thing. Personally I agree with Hassouni, the complexity is amazing. Alongside Tangiers K-peach it's my definitive all-time favorite. (As a side note, I find Nakhla DA to be much more enjoyable as a solo smoke, than as a shared smoke. Might be the fact that the breaks between each hit is longer when I smoke solo, so the flavor stays amazing even longer.)
  12. Was trying to get a hold of some brasso last summer (for shining up some of my razors). No luck in this part of the world, though. Also, in a sudden burst of inspiration I decided to give my polishing clean a shot at shining up my Nour. Pretty happy with the results. [img]http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/1518/83057273.jpg[/img] This was all white before I started ... (When I was finished the other side was just as messy.) [img]http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/5517/49332321.jpg[/img]
  13. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1298704798' post='499600'] -Nour/Nawras Brass Syrian on Egermann Czech Boho glass. [/quote] That's the nicest vase I've ever seen, I think. Goes great with the nour stem. Also, how did you get the stem that shining? Mine was almost like that when I got it, but time has taken it's toll. And I'm always afraid I'll damage the coating if I use any "effective" cleaning products. [quote name='mitchard' timestamp='1298737328' post='499652'] Old ('05-'06?) Nour Syrian on a Nizbor Bohemian vase. Still the nicest vase I have been able to get my grubby little hands on.[/quote] I have the same one (with the same vase), and it's a real beaut. Smokes just as good as my KM Hafa, and since it's a bit quieter it's been my go-to-hookah for the last couple of years. Might put some pics up if I ever get around to shining it up a little, but yours did it justice.
  14. This is [font="Arial"][color="#000000"]intriguing. Enough so to consider me breaking my "one order per year" rule. But if this is even stronger than Tangiers it might be a bit too strong for me (I usually smoke while studying, and I only smoke once a week, Nakhla seems to be just about the right amount of buzz for me). Still, the "traditional" taste and the price makes this very interesting. Hope to see some other vendors pick this up as well.[/color][/font]
  15. I use the same amount of heat as I would with any other Nakhla flavor, and I always taste the apple flavor. But it's a subtle apple flavor, not at all dominant (although it can clearly be separated from the anise), so one shouldn't expect the apple in Nakhla DA to taste "clean" apple. That's been my experience at least. And I've noticed the apple flavor better in jars than regular boxes (as well as the molasses being more moist). My favorite flavor (well, it's a tie with K-Peach) for sure.
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