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  1. To Drunk To......

    [quote name='Dr. B' timestamp='1285635032' post='483351'] Too drunk to.... Ever stay at the Days Inn on I-35 in south Austin again in my life. [/quote] TOO FUNNY! I was too messed up to play darts, but then again, nobody should be chunking darts across a room when they see two of everything.
  2. Drum & Bass

    Is anyone else as huge of a fan of DnB as I am?
  3. My new buddy!

  4. What The?!?!?!

    How on earth did the cars get into those buildings???
  5. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1284146101' post='481834'] You should definitely run water through all the parts before or after you smoke each time. Different people on here do different things- but they all clean their hookahs somehow and sometime, whether it be every time they smoke or once a week. I like to clean mine immediately after I'm done smoking, using water. Then about once a week I'll do a deep clean with baking soda and lemon juice. I don't ever scrub, except maybe I'll run the stem brush through when I do the deep cleaning. [/quote] Totally agree!
  6. Hookah At College

    [quote name='joanna' timestamp='1283446167' post='481035'] I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to smoke in the dorms at any campus. But it can be done. You pretty much have to use quick lights, which is fine. I would always light them by a window, and one the sparks started flying, I would just keep blowing the smoke out the window (perhaps a fan would have been a good alternative). After that, it really doesn't give up much smoke, so it's hard to set off the smoke detectors with a hookah. I found that smoking outside is really annoying, because, as people said, EVERYBODY will come sit with you and expect you to share. Even if you are doing homework and you look busy, people don't care. All they want is to mooch off of the person with the hookah. So I suggest smoking inside if you find it possible. [/quote] At the campus I go to, the detectors pick up the smoke even from hookah, but what some people do is tape bags over the detector (results in a fine if you're caught). After one semester I decided to get a job and get an apartment, you can't beat privacy.
  7. Hookah At College

    If you're in a dorm, you can't smoke inside. At least here in Houston you can't, ask an upperclassman in your dorm about it.
  8. Yeah, the rough spots bug me too, especially if I don't clean it right after! But as long as you at least rinse everything out after you use it, there's no problems with that hoookah.
  9. I'm a big fan of MYA's acrylic hookah, its a very stable design, not too tall, and the stem is really solid. They can be broken down so you can store it in a small space, and the pipe in the base is stainless, the rest is chrome. [url="http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=1013&DEPARTMENT_ID=46"]http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=1013&DEPARTMENT_ID=46[/url]
  10. Houston Longboarders?

    I live out in bunker hill, I drive and park at the sabine st apartments right next to buffalo bayou, then skate all over... The only time I ever usually skate near uptown is when we all meet up at a garage.
  11. Semi-Odd Question

    You develop a tolerance to it, I used to get sick to my stomach, but not anymore.
  12. My Stash

    I wish I had that much!
  13. Houston Longboarders?

    Usually downtown or in the galleria area, anywhere where there's garages to cruise down