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  1. I personally like the Belgian Charcoal quicklights. Easy to light on the stove, or with a lighter. Just put on a stove and when the charcoal completely envelops in flame, blow it out, put it on the hookah. No taste or smell except the initial light on the stove. Once its on the pipe, its all good.
  2. If you're in the Richardson area, and you haven't been to the peace pipe, you're missing an amazing smoking experience. Having been going there for the past year now, they have no issues beating the experience at Jasmines or Cairo. They have an eclectic collection of furniture and booths to smoke at, as well as areas that can be reserved for private sessions. They use all Mya hookahs and keep all of them clean and well maintained. They have exceptional coal service, as well as a wide selection of drinks, teas, and coffees to choose from as well as a full kitchen to order many great food items from. They have a live DJ on Fri/Sat/Sunday and have several TV's with cable so that you can sit back and relax as if it was your own home. Prices are great and they offer their own custom blends, or you can ask members of the staff to have a mix they like made for you.
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