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  1. While I am smokin hookah it is choking a lot .What might be the reason ? Cleaning it once it is working ok .but again just after few blowing it is starting choking it.can you help me out to solve it?

  2. smoking tabacco

    no. either you're not getting enough oxygen or you're using a too-high nicotine content tobacco.
  3. I Quit Smoking Hookah

    well, then between the two of us, i was out in cali on business the other week and hit up a lounge for funsies. first time ive smoked tangiers, good tangiers, in like 3-4 years. i switched to og nak a while back because of eric's qc issues when he was over-ordered. i might have to order some tangiers now..
  4. I Quit Smoking Hookah

    wow this place died... RIP.
  5. Please Report Any Bugs/Issues!

    i got a flood of emails.. lol. had to change notification settings.
  6. Forum Elders.....

    [quote name='r1v3th3ad' timestamp='1355549237' post='565060'] I hope that's not metric camel [/quote] kilometers. heyo!
  7. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1355368360' post='564788'] [quote name='DrSmokes' timestamp='1355364155' post='564781'] [quote name='camelflage' timestamp='1355345348' post='564744'] ours got us a 13 day ban on having an emblem... [/quote]You had a hookah emblem and you got banned? If so, that's some crap. Unless it looked more like a bong, then I can sort of understand the ban...but still...there are people in other countries that play this game where weed is legal. Not to mention bongs and pipes are legal any ways. I would have called and bitched even though knowing they wouldn't do anything...it would have been nice to call someone out on their stupidity. I don't usually have this emblem showing. I like to use my website's logo, my Nobama emblem, or my Chicago Bears emblem I made. [/quote] I have a feeling its some other kind of emblem. [/quote] lol, yeah not a hookah emblem.
  8. ours got us a 13 day ban on having an emblem...
  9. Forum Elders.....

    and by .02 i mean my penis.
  10. Forum Elders.....

    i intend to continue sticking it in wherever i can... ... my .02 that is.
  11. Yet Another Test...

    [quote]www.hookahforum.com Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here «Return to the index[/quote]
  12. Hookah Homes

    i like it. would be perfect for the car shows i go to.
  13. Yearly Charcoal Costs

    we burn 10 boxes every couple months or so, figure 5-6 restocks per year so 500-600 bucks in coals.
  14. Dark orange mya colossus with black base. I smoked out of it once. One hose with option to add another. Comes with red mya hose. $100 + shipping. Picture is huge, and i know it looks pink, that was just the lighting. if you're serious i will take a better picture.