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  1. HookahCenter

    Minnesota Smokers Mn

    Just popped back into Minneapolis for a month. Anybody else here?
  2. HookahCenter

    Israel Smokers

    Jerusalem! Ma'alot Dafna area!
  3. HookahCenter

    Hookha Fr Israel

    I'm here to help!
  4. HookahCenter

    Hookha Fr Israel

    (I can't edit), btw, I sent you a PM with instructions exactly for where your friend should go, and who to talk with, and how much she should expect to pay. -J
  5. HookahCenter

    How Did You Get Your Username?

    I'm trying to open up a hookah center on the web. so hopefully coming soon I'll have a website up and running you're all invited to :-)
  6. HookahCenter


    Hey, thanks for letting me know! And thank you for the warm welcome guys. I brought my hookah to work today, went through five coals, and came back to my dorm to smoke 2 more!
  7. HookahCenter

    Hookha Fr Israel

    I live in Jerusalem, GOA is the best place in the middle east to get hookahs, and the tobacco is the best in the world
  8. HookahCenter


    By the way, where's the edit button? My name is Josh and I also play a little bit of hacky sack, I even make my own!
  9. HookahCenter


    I just quit smoking cigarettes, and every time I do, I become a hookah fiend! So I'm smoking way too much, and everyone is always coming by my room because there's always a hookah lit! I moved to Jerusalem 2 years ago, and we have the best hookahs and tobacco here!
  10. HookahCenter

    Minnesota Smokers Mn

    Minneapolis, NW suburbs!