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  1. I still smoke occasionally, mostly when my brother comes to town. I very rarely order anything though so it's mostly stuff I can pick up at shops around where I live now
  2. Hey everybody, any places in silicon valley I should check out, hookah-wise? I'm here till Monday and all the review pushes seem relatively outdated. -Iain
  3. IainUM


    oh yeah?
  4. Long story short, I had to leave my hookah with some friends while I was between apartments here at grad school. In my absence I just found out a friend I left it with smoked NHT out of it. This is essentially my dream set up with a great pico bowl. I'm relatively proud to say I've never done an illegal substance in my life and don't plan to change that. Is there any way to clean my set up %100 to make sure there is nothing left in there? This is very important to me. Thanks guys
  5. quick update, got everything cleaned out. even been smoking a few times recently, but it's just a little AF. haven't had tangiers in what feels like forever. thanks for the help! i wish i had more time to swing by here more often...
  6. Come on guys, you know me better. I drink scotch and gin and watery beer, not vodka! But really, I will give some of these ideas a go when I get a chance
  7. dibs on what i would imagine is wade's endless supply of cane mint
  8. any of you bitches i know got snapchat?

  9. got 500g of Cane Mint and 500g of PIT. suck it, nerds

    1. Chreees


      Lol, this is like your typical order.
    2. IainUM


      if it ain't broke, don't fix it
  10. IainUM

    Howdy! Sunshine State Says "how's It Goin"!

    I don't check every thread. Just the ones that pop out at me. I'm a busy person :P     how did we not meet up when i lived in miami??? i'm in louisiana now for grad school but my parents still live in boca
  11. This was supposed to be meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. Been smoking for 5 hours, gotta couple more on the way, and been drinking the whole. Just wanted to pop in and say I miss you guys! <3 <3 <3
  13. IainUM

    My Chicago Comic Con Pics

    this is fucking awesome
  14. IainUM

    Happy Birthday, Chreees!

    sorry i missed it, bud. happy belated!!!
  15. IainUM

    So I Might Be Moving

    hey guys, there's a good chance I'll be moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana next week. anyone from here nearby? 
  16. IainUM

    So I Might Be Moving

    got offered to do my masters over there at LSU for free and shit. just waiting on one last confirmation from the graduate department (which is separate from the actual music school graduate department) to accept me
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    i've found that enough alcohol makes any party guilt free, cause af ter i certain point i just don't care what i do/did
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  19. IainUM


    i enjoy a couple beers here and there
  20. i might be down to get in on this. might have locked down a full time job for a while so i could be dealing with a bit of money to celebrate it
  21. grapefruit flavored? how have i never known this????
  22. and i love you guys!!!!!
  23. IainUM

    It's My Birthday, Assholes

    i survived. i only type legibly because i ALWAYS spell check my drunken messages like three times before posting/texting
  24. IainUM

    It's My Birthday, Assholes

    i've been training my liver for nights like these
  25. IainUM

    It's My Birthday, Assholes

    also, my sig doesn't completely work anymore