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  1. wow that is awesome!!! I can't believe how friendly everyone on this forum is, it still amazes me. Those are some great goodies
  2. I personally do not know very much about this topic, however mushrat knows a great deal and you should just wait for him to chime in, or if you search there has been many threads about starting a hookah lounge and they will help you out.
  3. snugz13

    My First Online Purchase

    my first online purchase was from HS and i bought my KM 500g of nahkla mizo and a nammor
  4. snugz13

    Songs That Make You Wanna Break Peoples Faces

    damn rick rolled!!!!
  5. yeah i think he is talking about that piece.
  6. snugz13

    Custom Hose

    how did you clean your pvc pipe? Earlier today I made a custom hose and the handle is pvc but while im smoking it tastes really plasticky so im trying to get rid of that taste lol
  7. snugz13

    Al Fakher Golden

    holy thread revival!!
  8. snugz13

    People Are Idiots...

    wow man thats really unfortunate. Glad you are okay. how fast was she going that her car got totaled?
  9. snugz13

    Math Equation

    you do whats in the parenthesis first so (1+2) which equals 3 then you do multiplication which is 2 * 3 = 6 then division which is 6/6 = 1 according to the order of operations
  10. snugz13

    Am I Burning The Shisha?

    I don't know about too much ventilation but if you put too many large holes then it will almost be like your coal is directly on top of your shisha and you do not want to do that. How are you packing your bowl ?
  11. snugz13

    Consecutive Hours

    only 40 hours for me haha. anything over 100 is just INSANE!!!
  12. snugz13

    Where Does The Time Go?

    been here almost 11 months! its been great and I have learned an unbelievable amount thanks to everyone!
  13. i usually smoke a small funnel a week lol. that is plenty for me haha.
  14. in the article it says that hookah has more tar then cigarettes but on all of the shisha containers I buy say that it has 0.0% tar. I dont understand how that is possible because from my understanding tar is produced when the tobacco is burned or lit on fire such as a cigarette, but I think that the coals on hookah are just heating up or cooking the tobacco therefore not producing tar. Someone correct me if Im wrong for thinking that.