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  1. [size="5"][u][b]Static Starlight [/b][/u][/size] smell: lemon blossom and grape. quite a strong floral note. taste: very nice grape flavor followed the lemon blossom floral notes. a perfect blend between fruit and floral. Overall: 9.5/10 just an all around amazing floral/fruit combo. [size="5"][u][b]Tropical punch[/b][/u][/size] smell: just like Hawaiian fruit punch. taste: just like the smell! a lot of maraschino cherry in the front followed by the tropic fruit flavors. overall: 10/10 this is my favorite tangiers flavor!!! [size="5"][b]Maraschino Cherry [/b][/size] smell: just like i opened a fresh jar of maraschino cherry taste: very strong flavor, tastes just as it smells, yummy overall: 9.5/10 Very nice flavor! would love to keep this in my regular rotation. [size="5"][b]Green Tea with honey [/b][/size] smell: smells just like green tea i smell a sweetness but i am not sure if i would call it honey taste: tastes kinda like arizona green tea with honey. mild flavor not too strong. overall: 7/10 this is a good flavor but just kinda boring. noticed this flavor was also a little more sensitive to heat then others, burnt green tea isn't so pleasant
  2. what tangiers flavors do you have -= )
  3. MrBubbler

    Tangiers Shisha For Sale Or Trade

    ill take all of it, and ill trade you what ever smileys you want i got them all except the irish cream, papaya, lemon.
  4. chocolate covered raisin. vanilla ice cream sandwich or cosmo mojito strawberry lemonade CANDY GRAPE plz.
  5. MrBubbler


    actionvillage.com is pretty damn good. never had a problem with them. spyders have a huge aftermarket selection but if you know your going to pimp out your gun also think that you can get a marker that will vastly outperform that marker for more money but less then all the upgrades. i would look into tippmann x7 if you wanna go non electric. for the price its an amazing marker and the hopper system it has feeds as fast as 100$ hoppers so you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. http://www.tippmann.com/product_guide/mark...x?categoryid=12 also that gun can be customized to high hell haha and you can even make it look like some real guns also. and later down the line if you wanna go electro tippmann will be offering an electric kit for that marker. if you wanna go electronic and not spend alot look at the invert mini, Dangerous Power Fusion, others. ion's are a very inexpensive way to get into an electric marker but the performance is lacking compared to fusion or mini , but with up's they can be very nice markers. +'s to the electric side of paint ball are. -electronic eyes so you never shop paint -faster trigger response ( slightest touch shoots the marker) -ramping modes ( pull the trigger more then 3 times a sec and marker will speed up to 15+ balls a second [you can also set it up how fast it ramps up too] you have to keep pulling the trigger 3 pulls a second to continue shooting that fast and as soon as you stop hitting the trigger it stops) -easy as hell to clean ( i can clean and relube my mini in less then 2 min where my buddy with an x7 needs around 5 and has to take alot more stuff apart, where i take one screw out and out pops the ram, spring and bolt. the -'s are: -you have to use compressed air which in turn is less expensive overall where i live to use all the time but i play alot (co2 systems are cheap but expensive to fill, where air is expensive tank and cheap to fill ( most fields offer all day air for 5-10$ where a co2 fill is 5-7dollars a fill [ compressed air also runs better for markers]) -replacing batterys -buying a hopper that can keep up with the marker ( 80-100$ for a good one)
  6. MrBubbler


    QUOTE (Phork @ Jul 2 2007, 08:26 PM) Ive had a Tippman, Spyder and High end Autococker. Ive done tourneys with Timmys and Angels. I suggest Spyders or if you can afford it a Cocker. (Always buy a decent barrel) i would never suggest anyone purchasing a cocker. way out dated and not up to todays level of performance. let alone all the time one would have to spend tech'ing the gun unless you know how to time an autococker and putting up with there silly pms habits i would stick to a gun that is easy to maintain and can be maintained by yourself for the most part. ive owend 2 cockers in my life and both of them where nice guns when running but nothing like the performance of my mini and not even close to as reliable. (owned 98 ANS gen X cocker with hinge trigger and eblade cocker.)
  7. MrBubbler


    guns i own currently are : cobra angel buzzard pump gun invert mini b2k bushmaster pbnation . com is a very informative web site if you got questions. if your really into the sport and can afford to play alot i would suggest spending a good amount of money from the start so you dont have to keep upgrading stuff. it seems like everyone starts with a spyder or a tippmann. things you will need will be gun,tank,electric loader, pod harness+pods, mask, upgraded barrel (would suggest scepter 07 barrel kit from ebay 99$) tank cover and well hmm anything else you need to fit your style of play (maybe knee pads or something ) if your not going to play alot then i would suggest going with a tippmann or a spyder but in all honesty go to a paintball store, not your local sports store and hold and fire some of the guns and see what you like. i fell in love with the mini due to the fact its compact, light, and fast as hell. also the 340$ price to my door off ebay was also very important. research what you like but if you know your going to be playing alot and this isnt just a whym purchase dont cut corners you will have to replace what you already purchased making it more expensive in the end.
  8. MrBubbler

    Best Fruit Flavors

    Sahara banana milk is an excellent banana flavor -= )
  9. my peaches and cream was quite tasty but the mint choco chip i got with the same order was quite weak
  10. MrBubbler

    A Good Blueberry Tobacco

    smiley blue berry! it has beaten out my first favorite smileys which was bubbleberry.
  11. MrBubbler

    Sheesha Sorrow

    i tend to like to purchase tangiers from hookahcompany maybe the fact that its super close to where tangiers tobacco is made so for some reason i think its more fresh -= ?
  12. MrBubbler

    Tcnjhookah A+

    had some problems getting the package but that was due to the shipping company. it had been awhile so i was afraid he scammed me, but that wasnt the case, he even gave me a refund! got the package today like a couple weeks later so i re-sent payment. stand up honest guy! would do business with him again!
  13. MrBubbler

    Sheesha Sorrow

    smoke tangiers -=) problem solved. and if that isnt enough then go with tangiers f-line. most sisha is washed so the buzz isnt really there. tangiers , layalina , pharaohs, nakhla and some others are unwashed if i remember correct , those would be the brands that would give you the buzz you want
  14. MrBubbler

    Next Purchase (im Back)

    peach sb is always a hit. im smoking there peaches and cream and it is damn tasty! even better then me mixin there vanilla and peach! its got a smooth creamy taste. others i would suggest are kiwi pineapple VANILLA! white grape as you can see i got a bunch of everything -=) raspberry passion kiss mango wildberry strawberry pineapple jasmine watermelon peach vanilla kiwi cantaloupe peaches and cream tropical fruit x on the beach mint chocolate marlette white grape black grape coconut chocolate strawberry Tangiers: mysterymeat passion fruit nectarine green apple Pharaohs: Strawberry peach raspberry Fusion: wildberry mint cotton candy cactus pear Smileys: prickly pear horchata raspberry peach orange wedding cake bubble berry naughty cow would also suggest smileys!!! top notch flavors and very good prices
  15. MrBubbler

    Next Purchase (im Back)

    fusion is so hit and miss. the only good flavor ive purchased was the wildberry mint, everything else has had a strong chemical background flavor and or just a weird overall flavor. starbuzz has been good recently but would stick to there old flavors most of the new ones are worth missing out on. fumari.... well hit and miss also ive had batches were i feel like fumari will be the only thing i will ever smoke again, and by the next batch im hitting myself in the head because i just ordered more of the flavors i liked and now they taste different and are dry... i got about 8 tubs of fuamri in my closet i wont smoke because it was shipped very dry and while smoking it the bowls last about 30-45min before becoming harsh and burnt. to each his own i only speak from my experiances