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  1. My goal for the higher walls is so that it will run a little hotter, but that's why i left that gap between the shisha and the screen. plus it prevents the shisha from getting burned from direct contact with the coal. The purpose of the spirals inside the hookah is so that it will cause the smoke to have more movement before it hits the water, and my idea is that it will make the smoke thicker and cooler. The threads simply came from the idea that im sick of loosing my rubber grommets and that would eliminate the need for that. Plus i added the holes on the side of the bowl so that more smoke can be pulled in each hit. Im no bowl expert, this is just my over engineered idea of a hookah bowl. Its a result of a collection of ideas / issues i have with hookahs. All of the possible solutions combined into one bowl.
  2. [size="3"] Here is my rough design of what i want. The view of this is the bowl Cut in half.[/size] [attachment=5468:bowl-design.jpg]
  3. Ill post a pic of my design when im finished.
  4. I thinks its just personal preference. I have used the vortex bowl for years and i love it.
  5. here is what i am thinking. and i know its going to be difficult. Its going to be like a vortex bowl but the bottom has a piece of metal embedded that is threaded for the hookah. and it has a spiral pattern on the inside of the bowls stem so that the smoke is spun around like a vortex. The sides around the stem are going to have silicone on it, to help with handling a hot bowl. and silicone around the base of the bowl to help create an airtight seal with the hookah. The top of the bowl is much taller than a usual vortex. about an inch taller, however the center peice stays at the same height as a vortex. And the top of the bowl is also threaded so a custom made Wind screen can be screwed on top. Who's Up for the challenge?
  6. id rather not upload the design, i wouldn't want someone stealing the idea.
  7. I am currently working out a design for a custom hookah bowl. heres the problem... Where do i go to get the damn thing made. Its somewhat complex in the design so its not like i can go to the local pottery spinning class and get them to just make it. I was thinking of getting it made out of metal, but im not sure what most people think about metal bowls. so most likely it will be some sort of ceramics. Help ME! I promise that if i get this thing manufactured you guys will love it.
  8. before you all say WTF is wrong with you for never having any tangiers i just want to say im sorry. but what i want to know is this... is this shit that good? like from every thing i have read on this forum everyone makes it sound like you smoked gods stash of shisha. Why is it so good? And what is the best flavor? and why...
  9. that last hookah is sexy as shit! I love the base on that. if you can get a link i think i may have found the KM base that has been giving me all of those wet dreams!
  10. what is the hose you have on the pear? i like where it connects to the hookah. I was looking at the Narbish on HJ. but i don't like how big it is where it connects to the hookah... Anyways of the two which do u like better?
  11. Im looking at getting a KM hookah to add to my collection. I have read some of the reviews for KM hookahs and they seem to be top notch. But leave a comment for me telling me in telling me which KM has served you best and a PIC would be awesome!
  12. im sure you can work out a deal with someone here to get you some starbuzz
  13. xzxer

    Shisha Containers

    I have been using Ziploc brand "Twist N Loc" containers and they are great. they twist shut and keep things fresh. Plus they are so cheap http://www.ziploc.com/Products/Pages/TwistLocContainers.aspx?SizeName=Small
  14. xzxer

    Favorite Hookah

    all i can say is WOW! That is one sexy hookah