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    ..he ran out of vicks, and it's too rainy to get more. -sadtuba-
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    Alex's picture of Nate
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    My ink smeared. But here is kawaii Nate-kun. 
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    Straight Razor Shaving

    So, I use my straight razor- that i cut hair with, on my legs and ... well (; . A few things to keep in mind for any of you guys.  1.) Always exfoliate before you shave.  2.) Do not use heavy creams on your face afterwords! That WILL cause your pores to get over saturated with oils and lead to breakouts and ingrown hairs. 3.) Do not use scented anything...   to exfoliate I make up a batch of Sea Salt and Steal Cut Oats. 50/50 and put that in a food processor. Make sure it's nice and powdery, you don't want to scratch the heck out of your skin.  This stuff is also amazing as regular face wash. Salt opens the pores and removes toxins. The oatmeal leaves a light layer of moisture. <- that is important because your skin is now clean and exposed. If it doesn't have that moisture you will dry out or your skin will release oils to protect its self. Both of those things lead to breakouts and irritation.  I don't use any shaving cream because the moisture from the oatmeal is already there, and gets me a nice close shave anyway. In the mixture of Salt and Oatmeal you can also add rosemary essential oils. Why? Well it will help prevent scaring, and heal old scars on your face. (acne scars, manly brawls etc. ) Do not use heavy creams on your face after!!!!!!!!! Just don't do it. It goes back to what I said earlier about your face trying to protect its self. Use Jojoba oil! It the closest composition to what oils are naturally produced by your skin. You won't breakout because your body is used to that composition of oils.  Also. If you start using the face scrub, you might experience a breakout (i haven't and no one I have given it to has, yet) because the salt will draw out the impurities deep in your pores. 
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    Okay kiddies. I know there is a select few of us, but here's a place to discuss schedule's and convenience. I was thinking we should do it on a Wednesday?! Next week, November the 10th. I will be gone the week after that. I'll be in South Dakota to have an early Thanksgiving. The week of Thanksgiving Alex will be gone. Tell me what you think!
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    Body Adornment

    Do it!
  7. Miss Crafted

    What Are You Reading?

    [quote name='headhunter' timestamp='1346357784' post='555468'] [quote name='Miss Crafted' timestamp='1346355565' post='555462'] The Complete Guide to Chakras: Vintage Edition by Ambika Wauters [/quote] that sounds interesting i might pick that up. [/quote] It's pretty good. More info on Chakras than I've found in a few years.
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    Lets Count To A Million

  9. Miss Crafted

    What Are You Watching

    The movie is pretty interesting. I don't think anyone should do a remake of it... ever... I just finished watching the Cowboy Beebop series.
  10. Miss Crafted

    Body Adornment

    Also, tattoo conventions are the most fun I have ever had. My dad got tattooed by Sailor Jerry's last apprentice- Shanghai Kate. Seeing the traditional tapping method is so interesting. Seeing them pull the needles back out of the skin. Whoah...
  11. Miss Crafted

    Body Adornment

    This is my tat as soon as it was finished. [img]http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/6812/tattoo2l.jpg[/img] and this is what they are a'posta look like [img]http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/3609/180pxmononokekodama.jpg[/img] Like I said before, I want to get them colored in white as soon as I can. They are on my lower back on the right hand side.
  12. Miss Crafted

    Happy Birthday, Drb!

    Happy Birthday!
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    I know some of you have to be bored enough to do this with me. I forget what the actual name for this is, but it's super fun. We need a group of people to do this!!!! The first person draws a part of a picture, the next person can only look at the picture before theirs. Then it gets passed on to the next person. By the end of it you get a really interesting mash of art styles for one picture.
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    You don't have much a choice, do you? XP
  15. Miss Crafted

    What Are You Reading?

    [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1346221757' post='555352'] Started reading Grimm's Fairy Tales.... I will not be reading these to my kids. [/quote] My favorite Grimm's Fairy Tale has to be The Little Mermaid.. Way cooler than Disney
  16. Miss Crafted

    What Are You Reading?

    The Complete Guide to Chakras: Vintage Edition by Ambika Wauters
  17. Miss Crafted

    For Miss Jorlyfish

    It's your fucking Birthday! Now time for some Hookah Forum love. <3
  18. Miss Crafted

    Happy Birthday, Travis!

    Happy Birthday Mister!
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    Lets Count To A Million

    hahahaha. Oh internet. [img]http://farcanal.biz/catalog/images/WM3323.gif[/img]
  20. Love Wins.

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      if thats the fair price then i shall agree, just like giving hallie a hard time.
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    Chris's Movie Reviews Thread

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1305068130' post='508974'] [quote name='Dr. B' timestamp='1304228873' post='507680'] +1 for SLC punk. I wanna hear your take on the camera work [/quote] I'll check it out. [/quote] Bump on SLC Punk. One of my all time fucking favorites.
  22. Miss Crafted

    Lets Count To A Million

  23. When you get out of the shower all fresh and clean, 10 mins later look at the bottom of you feet and see little shreds of shisha stuck to the bottoms because you walked through the kitchen. When you open up the dishwasher to clean out the food catch, and MAGICALLY there's more shisha in it than there is food.