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    [quote name='F16WarBird' date='25 April 2010 - 10:41 AM' timestamp='1272213708' post='465349'] I had multiple windows open and was referring to someone in a completely unrelated forum. My apologies. [/quote] Ah ok, I was like how is a 1st post review a spam LOL. It's all good!
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    Last time I checked this was a reveiw and that is exactly what I posted, a reveiw, so I believe your "Spam" post is actually "spam"
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    How is my posting spam? Care to explain?
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    Thursday me and my GF wanted to go to X-Hale but they were closed for their Annual spring cleaning and as we left we wanted to find another near by hookah bar, we saw one but I made a wrong turn and as I was trying to turn around I stumbled upon Fumare. I looked at my GF and said let's try this place it looks pretty decent. So we head inside, the place was very clean, ventilated, and very welcoming! They had tables and couches, even had a flat screen tv on the wall and a DJ booth. I can't remember exactly the price but it was cheaper to sit at a table than on the couch. When I grabbed the menu, I emmediately noticed they had starbuzz tobacco, and also fantasia. They also have food but again, it is frozen food (note: hookah bars are not allowed to prepare food, so frozen food is the best you can get). They also had a pretty good selection of drinks, I like always have to have my energy drink (Green Monster). I ordered the Starbuzz Blue Mist. Didn't wait long till they came out with it, it was a small Mya hookah in great shape! It comes with 1 quicklite coal, but if you need more, just walk up to the counter and they have a box filled with them. All in all, I would recommend this place to others! And my bill came out to $24.00 for 2 people, 1 hookah, 2 energy drinks. Oh also they have WiFi, don't know if it is free or not but that is a plus for me. Check out their site as well. http://fumarelounge.com